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In this category we have listed all of the food ingredients which reflect the rich diversity of different traditions and regions in Europe. To help protect and promote products with particular characteristics linked to their geographical origin as well as traditional products, the EU created quality logos, named Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed. As a result, these schemes and their logos help producers market their products better, while providing them legal protection from misuse or falsification of a product name.

Protected Designation of Origin -PDO- identifies products that are produced, processed and prepared in a specific geographical area, using the recognised know-how of local producers and ingredients from the region concerned. These are products whose characteristics are linked to their geographical origin. They must adhere to a precise set of specifications and may bear the PDO logo.

Protected Geographical Indication -PGI- identifies products whose quality or reputation is linked to the place or region where it is produced, processed or prepared, although the ingredients used need not necessarily come from that geographical area. All PGI products must also adhere to a precise set of specifications and may bear the PGI logo'

Traditional Speciality Guaranteed – TSG- identifies products of a traditional character, either in the composition or means of production, without a specific link to a particular geographical area, the emphasis being in tradition. It may bear the TSG logo.

There is no unconditional protection for these names on products made and sold outside the EU. However, there are a number of bilateral agreements with the EU for some level of enforcement. These bilateral agreements also allow for products of other countries to be protected when sold within the EU, eg PGI Colombian Coffee.

The following table lists the food item, food type, country of origin and type of scheme as at 13 Feb 2017. Where we have created a page for a specific ingredient, there will be a link to that page, where you can find out more information. Please note that this includes registered items only and does not include alcoholic beverages or miscellaneous non-food products such as Shetland Wool. If you wish to view all items of one category eg potatoes, cheese etc or of one particular country, you can sort the columns by clicking on the arrows at the top of the table.

Country Name Product Type
Austria Gailtaler Almkäse Cheese PDO
Austria Pöllauer Hirschbirne Pear PDO
Austria Steirische Käferbohne Bean (runner) PDO
Austria Tiroler Almkäse ; Tiroler Alpkäse Cheese PDO
Austria Tiroler Bergkäse Cheese PDO
Austria Tiroler Graukäse Cheese PDO
Austria Vorarlberger Alpkäse Cheese PDO
Austria Vorarlberger Bergkäse Cheese PDO
Austria Wachauer Marille Apricot PDO
Austria Waldviertler Graumohn Poppy seed PDO
Belgium Beurre d'Ardenne Butter PDO
Belgium Fromage de Herve Cheese PDO
Belgium Vlaams - Brabantse Tafeldruif (Brabant table grapes) Grape PDO
China Guanxi Mi You 琯溪蜜柚 Pomelo PDO
China Longjing cha 龙井茶 Tea PDO
China Pinggu Da Tao 平谷大桃 Peach PDO
China Shaanxi ping guo 陕西苹果 Apple PDO
Croatia Ekstra djevičansko maslinovo ulje Cres Olive oil PDO
Croatia Istarski pršut / Istrski pršut Ham PDO
Croatia Korčulansko maslinovo ulje Olive oil PDO
Croatia Krčko maslinovo ulje Olive oil PDO
Croatia Neretvanska mandarina Mandarin PDO
Croatia Ogulinski kiseli kupus/Ogulinsko kiselo zelje Sauerkraut PDO
Croatia Paška janjetina Lamb PDO
Croatia Šoltansko maslinovo ulje Olive oil PDO
Czech Rep Český kmín Caraway seed PDO
Czech Rep Chamomilla bohemica Camomile PDO
Czech Rep Nošovické kysané zelí Sauerkraut PDO
Czech Rep Pohořelický kapr Carp PDO
Czech Rep Všestarská cibule Onion PDO
Czech Rep Žatecký chmel Hop PDO
Dominican Rep Café de Valdesia Coffee PDO
Finland Kitkan viisas Fish PDO
Finland Lapin Poron kuivaliha Reindeer PDO
Finland Lapin Poron kylmäsavuliha Reindeer PDO
Finland Lapin Poron liha Reindeer PDO
Finland Lapin Puikula Potato PDO
France Abondance Cheese PDO
France Abricots rouges du Roussillon Apricots PDO
France Ail violet de Cadours Garlic PDO
France Banon Cheese PDO
France Barèges-Gavarnie Mutton PDO
France Béa du Roussillon Potato PDO
France Beaufort Cheese PDO
France Beurre Charentes-Poitou ; Beurre des Charentes ; Beurre des Deux-Sèvres Butter PDO
France Beurre de Bresse Butter PDO
France Beurre d'Isigny Butter PDO
France Bleu d'Auvergne Cheese PDO
France Bleu de Gex Haut-Jura ; Bleu de Septmoncel Cheese PDO
France Bleu des Causses Cheese PDO
France Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage Cheese PDO
France Bœuf de Charolles Beef PDO
France Brie de Meaux Cheese PDO
France Brie de Melun Cheese PDO
France Brocciu Corse ; Brocciu Cheese PDO
France Camembert de Normandie Cheese PDO
France Cantal ; Fourme de Cantal ; Cantalet Cheese PDO
France Chabichou du Poitou Cheese PDO
France Chaource Cheese PDO
France Charolais Cheese PDO
France Chasselas de Moissac Grape PDO
France Châtaigne d’Ardèche Chestnuts PDO
France Chevrotin Cheese PDO
France Coco de Paimpol Bean PDO
France Comté Cheese PDO
France Coppa de Corse / Coppa de Corse - Coppa di Corsica Sausage PDO
France Crème de Bresse Cream PDO
France Crème d'Isigny Cream PDO
France Crottin de Chavignol ; Chavignol Cheese PDO
France Dinde de Bresse Turkey PDO
France Époisses Cheese PDO
France Farine de châtaigne corse/Farina castagnina corsa Chestnut flour PDO
France Figue de Solliès Fig PDO
France Fin Gras/ Fin Gras du Mézenc Beef PDO
France Fourme d'Ambert Cheese PDO
France Fourme de Montbrison Cheese PDO
France Huile d'olive d'Aix-en-Provence Olive oil PDO
France Huile d'olive de Corse Olive oil PDO
France Huile d'olive de Haute-Provence Olive oil PDO
France Huile d'olive de la Vallée des Baux-de-Provence Olive oil PDO
France Huile d'olive de Nice Olive oil PDO
France Huile d'olive de Nîmes Olive oil PDO
France Huile d'olive de Nyons Olive oil PDO
France Jambon noir de Bigorre Ham PDO
France Kintoa pork Pork PDO
France Jambon sec de Corse / Jambon sec de Corse - Prisuttu Ham PDO
France Laguiole Cheese PDO
France Langres Cheese PDO
France Lentille vert du Puy Lentil PDO
France Livarot Cheese PDO
France Lonzo de Corse / Lonzo de Corse - Lonzu Ham PDO
France Luques de Languedoc Olive PDO
France Mâconnais Cheese PDO
France Maine - Anjou Beef PDO
France Maroilles ; Marolles Cheese PDO
France Miel de Corse ; Mele di Corsica Honey PDO
France Miel de sapin des Vosges Honey PDO
France Mont d'Or ; Vacherin du Haut-Doubs Cheese PDO
France Morbier Cheese PDO
France Moules de Bouchot de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel Mussels PDO
France Munster ; Munster-Géromé Cheese PDO
France Muscat du Ventoux Grape PDO
France Neufchâtel Cheese PDO
France Noix de Grenoble Nut PDO
France Noix du Périgord Walnut PDO
France Oignon de Roscoff Onion PDO
France Oignon doux des Cévennes Onion PDO
France Olive de Nice Olive PDO
France Olive de Nîmes Olive PDO
France Olives cassées de la Vallée des Baux de Provence Olive PDO
France Olives noires de la Vallée des Baux de Provence Olive PDO
France Olives noires de Nyons Olive PDO
France Ossau-Iraty Cheese PDO
France Pélardon Cheese PDO
France Picodon de l'Ardeche ; Picodon de la Drôme Cheese PDO
France Piment d'Espelette ; Piment d'Espelette - Ezpeletako Biper Pepper PDO
France Pomme de terre de l'Île de Ré Potato PDO
France Pomme du Limousin Apple PDO
France Pont-l'Évêque Cheese PDO
France Porc noir de Bigorre Pork PDO
France Pouligny-Saint-Pierre Cheese PDO
France Prés-salés de la baie de Somme Lamb PDO
France Prés-salés du Mont-Saint-Michel Lamb PDO
France Reblochon ; Reblochon de Savoie Cheese PDO
France Rigotte de Condrieu Cheese PDO
France Rocamadour Cheese PDO
France Roquefort Cheese PDO
France Sainte-Maure de Touraine Cheese PDO
France Saint-Nectaire Cheese PDO
France Salers Cheese PDO
France Selles-sur-Cher Cheese PDO
France Taureau de Camargue Beef PDO
France Tome des Bauges Cheese PDO
France Valençay Cheese PDO
France Volaille de Bresse/Poulet de Bresse/Poularde de Bresse Chicken PDO
Germany Allgäuer Bergkäse Cheese PDO
Germany Allgäuer Emmentaler Cheese PDO
Germany Allgäuer Sennalpkäse Cheese PDO
Germany Altenburger Ziegenkäse Cheese PDO
Germany Diepholzer moorschnucke Lamb PDO
Germany Fränkischer Grünkern Spelt PDO
Germany Lüneburger Heidschnucke Lamb PDO
Germany Odenwälder Frühstückskäse Cheese PDO
Germany Spalt Spalter Hop PDO
Germany Stromberger Pflaume Damson PDO
Germany Weideochse vom Limpurger Rind Ox PDO
Germany Weißlacker / Allgäuer Weißlacker Cheese PDO
Greece Agoureleo Chalkidikis Αγουρέλαιο Χαλκιδικής Olive oil PDO
Greece Aktinidio Sperchiou Ακτινίδιο Σπερχειού Kiwi PDO
Greece Anevato Ανεβατό Cheese PDO
Greece Apokoronas Chanion Kritis Αποκορώνας Χανίων Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Arnaki Elassonas Αρνάκι Ελασσόνας Lamb PDO
Greece Archanes Herakliou Kritis Αρχάνες Ηρακλείου Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Avgotaracho Messolongiou Αυγοτάραχο Μεσολογγίου Fish roes PDO
Greece Batzos Μπάτζος Cheese PDO
Greece Elia Kalamatas Ελιά Καλαμάτας Olives PDO
Greece Exeretiko partheno eleolado "Trizinia Εξαιρετικό παρθένο ελαιόλαδο "Τροιζηνία" Olive oil PDO
Greece Exeretiko Partheno Eleolado Selino Kritis Εξαιρετικό Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο Σέλινο Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Exeretiko partheno eleolado Thrapsano Εξαιρετικό παρθένο ελαιόλαδο Θραψανό Olive oil PDO
Greece Fava Santorinis Φάβα Σαντορίνης Bean PDO
Greece Feta Φέτα Cheese PDO
Greece Finiki Lakonias Φοινίκι Λακωνίας Olive oil PDO
Greece Firiki Piliou Φιρίκι Πηλίου Apple PDO
Greece Formaella Arachovas Parnassou Φορμαέλλα Αράχωβας Παρνασσού Cheese PDO
Greece Fystiki Aeginas Φυστίκι Αίγινας Pistachio PDO
Greece Fystiki Megaron Φυστίκι Μεγάρων Pistachio PDO
Greece Galano Metaggitsiou Chalkidikis Γαλανό Μεταγγιτσίου Χαλκιδικής Olive oil PDO
Greece Galotyri Γαλοτύρι Cheese PDO
Greece Graviera Agrafon Γραβιέρα Αγράφων Cheese PDO
Greece Graviera Kritis Γραβιέρα Κρήτης Cheese PDO
Greece Graviera Naxou Γραβιέρα Νάξου Cheese PDO
Greece Kalamata Καλαμάτα Olive oil PDO
Greece Kalathaki Limnou Καλαθάκι Λήμνου Cheese PDO
Greece Katsikaki Elassonas Κατσικάκι Ελασσόνας Kid PDO
Greece Kefalograviera Κεφαλογραβιέρα Cheese PDO
Greece Kelifoto fystiki Fthiotidas Κελυφωτό φυστίκι Φθιώτιδας Pistachio PDO
Greece Kerassia Tragana Rodochoriou Κεράσια τραγανά Ροδοχωρίου Cherries PDO
Greece Kolymvari Chanion Kritis Κολυμβάρι Χανίων Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Konservolia Atalantis Κονσερβολιά Αταλάντης Olive PDO
Greece Konservolia Piliou Volou Κονσερβολιά Πηλίου Βόλου Olive PDO
Greece Konservolia Rovion Κονσερβολιά Ροβίων Olive PDO
Greece Konservolia Stylidas Κονσερβολιά Στυλίδας Olive PDO
Greece Kopanisti Κοπανιστή Cheese PDO
Greece Korinthiaki Stafida Vostitsa Κορινθιακή Σταφίδα Βοστίτσα Currant PDO
Greece Kranidi Argolidas Κρανίδι Αργολίδας Olive oil PDO
Greece Krokees Lakonias Κροκεές Λακωνίας Olive oil PDO
Greece Krokos Kozanis Κρόκος Κοζάνης Saffron PDO
Greece Ladotyri Mytilinis Λαδοτύρι Μυτιλήνης Cheese PDO
Greece Lygourio Asklipiou Λυγουριό Ασκληπιείου Olive oil PDO
Greece Manouri Μανούρι Cheese PDO
Greece Masticha Chiou Μαστίχα Χίου Mastic PDO
Greece Mastichelaio Chiou Μαστιχέλαιο Χίου Mastic PDO
Greece Meli Elatis Menalou Vanilia Μέλι Ελάτης Μαινάλου Βανίλια Honey PDO
Greece Metsovone Μετσοβόνε Cheese PDO
Greece Mila Delicious Pilafa Tripoleos Μήλα Ντελίσιους Πιλαφά Τριπόλεως Apple PDO
Greece Mila Zagoras Piliou Μήλα Ζαγοράς Πηλίου Apple PDO
Greece Petrina Lakonias Πέτρινα Λακωνίας Olive oil PDO
Greece Peza Irakliou Kritis Πεζά Ηρακλείου Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Pichtogalo Chanion Πηχτόγαλο Χανίων Cheese PDO
Greece Portokalia Maleme Chanion Kritis Πορτοκάλια Μάλεμε Χανίων Κρήτης Orange PDO
Greece Prasines Elies Chalkidikis Πράσινες Ελιές Χαλκιδικής Olive PDO
Greece Rodakina Naoussas Ροδάκινα Νάουσας Peach PDO
Greece San Michali Σαν Μιχάλη Cheese PDO
Greece Sfela Σφέλα Cheese PDO
Greece Sitia Lasithiou Kritis Σητεία Λασιθίου Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Stafida Zakynthou Σταφίδα Ζακύνθου Currant PDO
Greece Throumpa Ampadias Rethymnis Kritis Θρούμπα Αμπαδιάς Ρεθύμνης Κρήτης Olive PDO
Greece Throumpa Chiou Θρούμπα Χίου Olive PDO
Greece Throumpa Thassou Θρούμπα Θάσου Olive PDO
Greece Tsikla Chiou Τσίχλα Χίου Chewing gum PDO
Greece Viannos Irakliou Kritis Βιάννος Ηρακλείου Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Vorios Mylopotamos Rethymnis Kritis Βόρειος Μυλοπόταμος Ρεθύμνης Κρήτης Olive oil PDO
Greece Xera syka Kymis Ξερά σύκα Κύμης Fig PDO
Greece Xira Syka Taxiarchi Ξηρά Σύκα Ταξιάρχη Fig PDO
Greece Xygalo Siteias / Xigalo Siteias Ξύγαλο Σητείας / Ξίγαλο Σητείας Cheese PDO
Greece Xynomyzithra Kritis Ξυνομυζήθρα Κρήτης Cheese PDO
Greece Kasseri Κασέρι Cheese PDO
Greece Katiki Domokou Κατίκι Δομοκού Cheese PDO
Greece Konservolia Amfissis Κονσερβολιά Αμφίσσης Olive PDO
Greece Messara Μεσσαρά Olive oil PDO
Greece Tomataki Santorinis Τοματάκι Σαντορίνης Tomato PDO
Greece Tsakoniki Melitzana Leonidiou Τσακώνικη μελιτζάνα Λεωνιδίου Aubergine PDO
Cyprus Kolokasi Sotiras / Kolokasi-Poulles Sotiras Κολοκάσι Σωτήρας / Κολοκάσι-Πούλλες Σωτήρας Taro PDO
Hungary Alföldi kamillavirágzat Camomile PDO
Hungary Hajdúsági torma Horseradish PDO
Hungary Kalocsai fűszerpaprika-őrlemény Paprika PDO
Hungary Makói vöröshagyma ; Makói hagyma Onion PDO
Hungary Szegedi fűszerpaprika-őrlemény/Szegedi paprika Paprika PDO
Hungary Szegedi szalámi ; Szegedi téliszalámi Sausage PDO
Ireland Imokilly Regato Cheese PDO
Ireland Oriel Sea Minerals Mineral salt PDO
Ireland Oriel Sea Salt Salt PDO
Italy Aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena Vinegar PDO
Italy Aceto balsamico tradizionale di Reggio Emilia Vinegar PDO
Italy Aglio Bianco Polesano Garlic PDO
Italy Aglio di Voghiera Garlic PDO
Italy Alto Crotonese Olive oil PDO
Italy Aprutino Pescarese Olive oil PDO
Italy Arancia di Ribera Orange PDO
Italy Asiago Cheese PDO
Italy Asparago Bianco di Bassano Asparagus PDO
Italy Basilico Genovese Basil PDO
Italy Bergamotto di Reggio Calabria - Olio essenziale Bergamot oil PDO
Italy Bitto Cheese PDO
Italy Bra Cheese PDO
Italy Brisighella Olive oil PDO
Italy Brovada Turnip PDO
Italy Bruzio Olive oil PDO
Italy Caciocavallo Silano Cheese PDO
Italy Canestrato Pugliese Cheese PDO
Italy Canino Olive oil PDO
Italy Capocollo di Calabria Sausage PDO
Italy Carciofo Spinoso di Sardegna Artichoke PDO
Italy Cartoceto Olive oil PDO
Italy Casatella Trevigiana Cheese PDO
Italy Casciotta d'Urbino Cheese PDO
Italy Castagna di Vallerano Chestnut PDO
Italy Castelmagno Cheese PDO
Italy Chianti Classico Olive oil PDO
Italy Cilento Olive oil PDO
Italy Ciliegia dell'Etna Cherry PDO
Italy Cinta Senese Pork PDO
Italy Cipollotto Nocerino Onion PDO
Italy Collina di Brindisi Olive oil PDO
Italy Colline di Romagna Olive oil PDO
Italy Colline Pontine Olive oil PDO
Italy Colline Salernitane Olive oil PDO
Italy Colline Teatine Olive oil PDO
Italy Coppa Piacentina Ham PDO
Italy Cozza di Scardovari Shellfish PDO
Italy Crudo di Cuneo Ham PDO
Italy Culatello di Zibello Ham PDO
Italy Dauno Olive oil PDO
Italy Fagioli Bianchi di Rotonda Bean PDO
Italy Fagiolo Cannellino di Atina Bean PDO
Italy Farina di castagne della Lunigiana Chestnut flour PDO
Italy Farina di Neccio della Garfagnana Chestnut flour PDO
Italy Farro di Monteleone di Spoleto Emmer wheat PDO
Italy Fichi di Cosenza Fig PDO
Italy Fico Bianco del Cilento Fig PDO
Italy Ficodindia dell'Etna Prickly pear PDO
Italy Ficodindia di San Cono Prickly pear PDO
Italy Fiore Sardo Cheese PDO
Italy Fontina Cheese PDO
Italy Formaggella del Luinese Cheese PDO
Italy Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano Cheese PDO
Italy Formai de Mut dell'Alta Valle Brembana Cheese PDO
Italy Garda Olive oil PDO
Italy Gorgonzola Cheese PDO
Italy Grana Padano Cheese PDO
Italy Irpinia - Colline dell'Ufita Olive oil PDO
Italy La Bella della Daunia Olive PDO
Italy Laghi Lombardi Olive oil PDO
Italy Lametia Olive oil PDO
Italy Liquirizia di Calabria Licorice PDO
Italy Lucca Olive oil PDO
Italy Marrone di Caprese Michelangelo Chestnut PDO
Italy Marrone di San Zeno Chestnut PDO
Italy Mela Val di Non Apple PDO
Italy Melanzana Rossa di Rotonda Aubergine PDO
Italy Miele della Lunigiana Honey PDO
Italy Miele delle Dolomiti Bellunesi Honey PDO
Italy Miele Varesino Honey PDO
Italy Molise Olive oil PDO
Italy Montasio Cheese PDO
Italy Monte Etna Olive oil PDO
Italy Monte Veronese Cheese PDO
Italy Monti Iblei Olive oil PDO
Italy Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Cheese PDO
Italy Murazzano Cheese PDO
Italy Nocciola Romana Hazelnut PDO
Italy Nocellara del Belice Olive PDO
Italy Nostrano Valtrompia Cheese PDO
Italy Oliva Ascolana del Piceno Olive PDO
Italy Oliva di Gaeta Olive PDO
Italy Pagnotta del Dittaino Bread PDO
Italy Pancetta di Calabria Bacon PDO
Italy Pancetta Piacentina Bacon PDO
Italy Pane di Altamura Bread PDO
Italy Pane Toscano Bread PDO
Italy Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese PDO
Italy Patata di Bologna Potato PDO
Italy Patata novella di Galatina Potato PDO
Italy Pecorino Crotonese Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino delle Balze Volterrane Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino di Filiano Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino di Picinisco Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino Romano Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino Sardo Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino Siciliano Cheese PDO
Italy Pecorino Toscano Cheese PDO
Italy Penisola Sorrentina Olive oil PDO
Italy Peperone di Pontecorvo Pepper PDO
Italy Piacentinu Ennese Cheese PDO
Italy Piave Cheese PDO
Italy Pistacchio Verde di Bronte Pistachio PDO
Italy Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio Tomato PDO
Italy Pomodoro S. Marzano dell'Agro Sarnese-Nocerino Tomato PDO
Italy Pretuziano delle Colline Teramane Olive oil PDO
Italy Prosciutto di Carpegna Ham PDO
Italy Prosciutto di Modena Ham PDO
Italy Prosciutto di Parma Ham PDO
Italy Prosciutto di San Daniele Ham PDO
Italy Prosciutto Toscano Ham PDO
Italy Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo Ham PDO
Italy Provolone del Monaco]] Cheese PDO
Italy Provolone Valpadana Cheese PDO
Italy Puzzone di Moena / Spretz Tzaorì Cheese PDO
Italy Quartirolo Lombardo Cheese PDO
Italy Ragusano Cheese PDO
Italy Raschera Cheese PDO
Italy Ricotta di Bufala Campana Cheese PDO
Italy Ricotta Romana Cheese PDO
Italy Riso di Baraggia Biellese e Vercellese Rice PDO
Italy Riviera Ligure Olive oil PDO
Italy Robiola di Roccaverano Cheese PDO
Italy Sabina Olive oil PDO
Italy Salame Brianza Sausage PDO
Italy Salame di Varzi Sausage PDO
Italy Salame Piacentino Sausage PDO
Italy Salamini italiani alla cacciatora Sausage PDO
Italy Salumi di Calabria: Soppressala, Capocollo, Salsiccia, Pancetta Sausage PDO
Italy Salva Cremasco Cheese PDO
Italy Sardegna Olive oil PDO
Italy Seggiano Olive oil PDO
Italy Silter Cheese PDO
Italy Soppressata di Calabria Ham PDO
Italy Soprèssa Vicentina Sausage PDO
Italy Spressa delle Giudicarie Cheese PDO
Italy Squacquerone di Romagna Cheese PDO
Italy Stelvio ; Stilfser Cheese PDO
Italy Strachitunt Cheese PDO
Italy Susina di Dro Plum PDO
Italy Taleggio Cheese PDO
Italy Tergeste Olive oil PDO
Italy Terra di Bari Olive oil PDO
Italy Terra d'Otranto Olive oil PDO
Italy Terre Aurunche Olive oil PDO
Italy Terre di Siena Olive oil PDO
Italy Terre Tarentine Olive oil PDO
Italy Tinca Gobba Dorata del Pianalto di Poirino Fish PDO
Italy Toma Piemontese Cheese PDO
Italy Tuscia Olive oil PDO
Italy Umbria Olive oil PDO
Italy Val di Mazara Olive oil PDO
Italy Valdemone Olive oil PDO
Italy Valle d’Aosta Lard d’Arnad/Vallée d’Aoste Lard d’Arnad Lard PDO
Italy Valle d'Aosta Fromadzo Cheese PDO
Italy Valle d'Aosta Jambon de Bosses Ham PDO
Italy Valle del Belice Olive oil PDO
Italy Valli Trapanesi Olive oil PDO
Italy Valtellina Casera Cheese PDO
Italy Vastedda della valle del Belìce Cheese PDO
Italy Veneto Valpolicella, Veneto Euganei e Berici Olive oil PDO
Italy Vulture Olive oil PDO
Italy Zafferano dell'Aquila Saffron PDO
Italy Zafferano di San Gimignano Saffron PDO
Italy Zafferano di Sardegna Saffron PDO
Latvia Latvijas lielie pelēkie zirņi Dried pea PDO
Lithuania Seinų / Lazdijų krašto medus / Miód z Sejneńszczyny / Łoździejszczyzny Honey PDO
Luxembourg Beurre rose - Marque Nationale du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Butter PDO
Luxembourg Miel - Marque nationale du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Honey PDO
Netherlands Boeren-Leidse met sleutels Cheese PDO
Netherlands Brabantse Wal asperges Asparagus PDO
Netherlands Kanterkaas ; Kanternagelkaas ; Kanterkomijnekaas Cheese PDO
Netherlands Noord-Hollandse Edammer Cheese PDO
Netherlands Noord-Hollandse Gouda Cheese PDO
Netherlands Opperdoezer Ronde Potato PDO
Poland Bryndza Podhalańska cheese Cheese PDO
Poland Fasola Piękny Jaś z Doliny Dunajca / Fasola z Doliny Dunaj Bean PDO
Poland Fasola Wrzawska Bean PDO
Poland Karp zatorski Carp PDO
Poland Oscypek Cheese PDO
Poland Podkarpacki miód spadziowy Honey PDO
Poland Redykołka Cheese PDO
Poland Wiśnia nadwiślanka Cherry PDO
Portugal Ameixa d'Elvas Plum PDO
Portugal Amêndoa Douro Almond PDO
Portugal Ananás dos Açores/São Miguel Pineapple PDO
Portugal Anona da Madeira Custard apple PDO
Portugal Azeite de Moura Olive oil PDO
Portugal Azeite de Trás-os-Montes Olive oil PDO
Portugal Azeite do Alentejo Interior Olive oil PDO
Portugal Azeites da Beira Interior / Azeite da Beira Alta Olive oil PDO
Portugal Azeites do Norte Alentejano Olive oil PDO
Portugal Azeites do Ribatejo Olive oil PDO
Portugal Azeitona de conserva Negrinha de Freixo Olive PDO
Portugal Azeitonas de Conserva de Elvas e Campo Maior Olive PDO
Portugal Borrego Serra da Estrela Lamb PDO
Portugal Borrego Terrincho Lamb PDO
Portugal Cabrito Transmontano Kid PDO
Portugal Carnalentejana Beef PDO
Portugal Carne Arouquesa Beef PDO
Portugal Carne Barrosã Beef PDO
Portugal Carne Cachena da Peneda Beef PDO
Portugal Carne da Charneca Beef/Veal PDO
Portugal Carne de Bísaro Transmontano ; Carne de Porco Transmontano Pork PDO
Portugal Carne de Bravo do Ribatejo Beef PDO
Portugal Carne de Porco Alentejano Porc PDO
Portugal Carne Marinhoa Beef PDO
Portugal Carne Maronesa Beef PDO
Portugal Carne Mertolenga Beef/Veal PDO
Portugal Carne Mirandesa Veal PDO
Portugal Castanha da Padrela Chestnut PDO
Portugal Castanha da Terra Fria Chestnut PDO
Portugal Castanha dos Soutos da Lapa Chestnut PDO
Portugal Castanha Marvão-Portalegre Chestnut PDO
Portugal Cereja de São Julião-Portalegre Cherry PDO
Portugal Cordeiro Bragançano Lamb PDO
Portugal Cordeiro Mirandês / Canhono Mirandês Lamb PDO
Portugal Maçã Bravo de Esmolfe Apple PDO
Portugal Maçã Riscadinha de Palmela Apple PDO
Portugal Maracujá dos Açores/S. Miguel Passion fruit PDO
Portugal Mel da Serra da Lousã Honey PDO
Portugal Mel da Serra de Monchique Honey PDO
Portugal Mel da Terra Quente Honey PDO
Portugal Mel das Terras Altas do Minho Honey PDO
Portugal Mel de Barroso Honey PDO
Portugal Mel do Alentejo Honey PDO
Portugal Mel do Parque de Montezinho Honey PDO
Portugal Mel do Ribatejo Norte Honey PDO
Portugal Mel dos Açores Honey PDO
Portugal Pêra Rocha do Oeste Pear PDO
Portugal Presunto de Barrancos /Paleta de Barrancos Ham PDO
Portugal Presunto do Alentejo ; Paleta do Alentejo Ham PDO
Portugal Queijo de Azeitão Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo de Cabra Transmontano Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo de Évora Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo de Nisa Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo do Pico Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo Rabaçal Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo S. Jorge Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo Serpa Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo Serra da Estrela Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijo Terrincho Cheese PDO
Portugal Queijos da Beira Baixa (Queijo de Castelo Branco, Queijo Amarelo da Beira Baixa, Queijo Picante da Beira Baixa) Cheese PDO
Portugal Requeijão da Beira Baixa Cheese PDO
Portugal Requeijão Serra da Estrela Cheese PDO
Portugal Sal de Tavira / Flor de Sal de Tavira Salt PDO
Portugal Travia da Beira Baixa Cheese PDO
Romania Telemea de Ibăneşti Cheese PDO
Slovenia Bovški sir Cheese PDO
Slovenia Ekstra deviško oljčno olje Slovenske Istre Olive oil PDO
Slovenia Kočevski gozdni med Honey PDO
Slovenia Kraški med Honey PDO
Slovenia Mohant Cheese PDO
Slovenia Nanoški sir Cheese PDO
Slovenia Piranska sol Salt PDO
Slovenia Tolminc Cheese PDO
Spain Manzana Reineta del Bierzo Apple PDO
Spain Alcachofa de Benicarló ; Carxofa de Benicarló Artichoke PDO
Spain Fesols de Santa Pau Bean PDO
Spain Mongeta del Ganxet Bean PDO
Spain Mantequilla de l'Alt Urgell y la Cerdanya Butter PDO
Spain Mantequilla de Soria Butter PDO
Spain Afuega'l Pitu Cheese PDO
Spain Arzùa-Ulloa Cheese PDO
Spain Cabrales Cheese PDO
Spain Cebreiro Cheese PDO
Spain Gamoneu aka Gamonedo Cheese PDO
Spain Idiazábal Cheese PDO
Spain Mahón-Menorca Cheese PDO
Spain Picón Bejes-Tresviso Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Camerano Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Casín Cheese PDO
Spain Queso de Flor de Guía Cheese PDO
Spain Queso de La Serena Cheese PDO
Spain Queso de l'Alt Urgell y la Cerdanya Cheese PDO
Spain Queso de Murcia Cheese PDO
Spain Queso de Murcia al vino Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Ibores Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Majorero Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Manchego Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Nata de Cantábria Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Palmero ; Queso de la Palma Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Tetilla / Queixo Tetilla Cheese PDO
Spain Queso Zamorano Cheese PDO
Spain Quesucos de Liébana Cheese PDO
Spain Roncal Cheese PDO
Spain San Simón da Costa Cheese PDO
Spain Torta del Casar Cheese PDO
Spain Chirimoya de la Costa tropical de Granada-Málaga Cherimoya PDO
Spain Cereza del Jerte Cherry PDO
Spain Uva de mesa embolsada “Vinalopó” Grape PDO
Spain Dehesa de Extremadura Ham PDO
Spain Guijuelo Ham PDO
Spain Jamón de Huelva Ham PDO
Spain Jamón de Teruel/Paleta de Teruel Ham PDO
Spain Los Pedroches Ham PDO
Spain Avellana de Reus Hazelnut PDO
Spain Miel de Granada Honey PDO
Spain Miel de La Alcarria Honey PDO
Spain Miel de Liébana Honey PDO
Spain Miel de Tenerife Honey PDO
Spain Miel Villuercas-Ibores Honey PDO
Spain Nísperos Callosa d'En Sarriá Loquat PDO
Spain Mejillón de Galicia ; Mexillón de Galicia Mussel PDO
Spain Aceituna Aloreña de Málaga Olive PDO
Spain Aceituna de Mallorca / Aceituna Mallorquina / Oliva de Mallorca / Oliva Mallorquina Olive PDO
Spain Aceite Campo de Calatrava Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite Campo de Montiel Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de la Alcarria Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de la Comunitat Valenciana Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de la Rioja Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de Lucena Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de Mallorca ; Aceite mallorquín ; Oli de Mallorca Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de Navarra Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite de Terra Alta ; Oli de Terra Alta Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite del Baix Ebre-Montsià ; Oli del Baix Ebre-Montsià Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite del Bajo Aragón Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite Monterrubio Olive oil PDO
Spain Aceite Sierra del Moncayo Olive oil PDO
Spain Antequera Olive oil PDO
Spain Baena Olive oil PDO
Spain Estepa Olive oil PDO
Spain Gata-Hurdes Olive oil PDO
Spain Les Garrigues Olive oil PDO
Spain Montes de Granada Olive oil PDO
Spain Montes de Toledo Olive oil PDO
Spain Montoro-Adamuz Olive oil PDO
Spain Oli de l’Empordà/Aceite de L’Empordà Olive oil PDO
Spain Poniente de Granada Olive oil PDO
Spain Priego de Córdoba Olive oil PDO
Spain Sierra de Cádiz Olive oil PDO
Spain Sierra de Cazorla Olive oil PDO
Spain Sierra de Segura Olive oil PDO
Spain Sierra Mágina Olive oil PDO
Spain Siurana Olive oil PDO
Spain Cebolla Fuentes de Ebro Onion PDO
Spain Pimentón de la Vera Paprika PDO
Spain Pimentón de Murcia Paprika PDO
Spain Melocotón de Calanda Peach PDO
Spain Pera de Jumilla Pear PDO
Spain Pera de Lleida Pear PDO
Spain Peras de Rincón de Soto Pear PDO
Spain Pemento de Herbón Pepper PDO
Spain Pimientos del Piquillo de Lodosa Pepper PDO
Spain Kaki Ribera del Xúquer Persimmon PDO
Spain Granada Mollar de Elche/Granada de Elche Pomegranate PDO
Spain Cochinilla de Canarias Pork PDO
Spain Papas Antiguas de Canarias Potato PDO
Spain Pasas de Málaga Raisin PDO
Spain Arroz de Valencia ; Arròs de València Rice PDO
Spain Arroz del Delta del Ebro / Arròs del Delta de l'Ebre Rice PDO
Spain Calasparra Rice PDO
Spain Azafrán de La Mancha Saffron PDO
Spain Chufa de Valencia Tigernut PDO
Spain Vinagre de Jerez Vinegar PDO
Spain Vinagre de Montilla-Moriles Vinegar PDO
Spain Vinagre del Condado de Huelva Vinegar PDO
Sweden Hånnlamb Lamb/mutton PDO
Sweden Kalix Löjrom Fish roe PDO
Sweden Upplandskubb Bread PDO
Turkey Aydın İnciri Fig PDO
UK Anglesey Sea Salt / Halen Môn Salt PDO
UK Beacon Fell traditional Lancashire cheese Cheese PDO
UK Bonchester cheese Cheese PDO
UK Buxton blue Cheese PDO
UK Conwy mussels Shellfish PDO
UK Cornish Clotted Cream Cream PDO
UK Dovedale cheese Cheese PDO
UK East Kent Goldings Hop PDO
UK Fal Oyster Shellfish PDO
UK Isle of Man Manx Loaghtan Lamb Lamb PDO
UK Isle of Man Queenies Shellfish PDO
UK Jersey Royal potatoes Potato PDO
UK Lakeland Herdwick Lamb PDO
UK Lough Neagh Pollan Fish PDO
UK Orkney beef Beef PDO
UK Orkney lamb Lamb PDO
UK Shetland lamb Lamb PDO
UK Single Gloucester Cheese PDO
UK Staffordshire Cheese Cheese PDO
UK Swaledale cheese Cheese PDO
UK Swaledale ewes´ cheese Cheese PDO
UK Welsh Laverbread Seaweed PDO
UK West Country farmhouse Cheddar cheese Cheese PDO
UK White Stilton cheese / Blue Stilton cheese Cheese PDO
UK Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb Rhubarb PDO
Vietnam Phú Quốc Fish sauce PDO
Andorra Carn d'Andorra Beef PGI
Austria Gailtaler Speck Bacon PGI
Austria Marchfeldspargel Asparagus PGI
Austria Steirischer Kren Horseradish PGI
Austria Steirisches Kürbiskernöl Pumpkin seed oil PGI
Austria Tiroler Speck Bacon PGI
Belgium Brussels grondwitloof Chicory PGI
Belgium Geraardsbergse Mattentaart Cheese tart PGI
Belgium Jambon d'Ardenne Ham PGI
Belgium Liers vlaaike Cake PGI
Belgium Pâté gaumais Pork pie PGI
Belgium Plate de Florenville Potato PGI
Belgium Poperingse Hoppescheuten Hop shoots PGI
Belgium Potjesvlees uit de Westhoek Potted meat PGI
Belgium Saucisson d’Ardenne / Collier d’Ardenne / Pipe d’Ardenne Sausage PGI
Bulgaria Gornooryahovski sudzhuk Горнооряховски суджук Sausage PGI
Cambodia Mrech Kampot ”Poivre de Kampot” ម្រេចកំពត Peppercorn PGI
China Dongshan Bai Lu Sun 东山白芦笋 Asparagus PGI
China Yancheng Long Xia 盐城龙虾 Shellfish PGI
China Lixian Ma Shan Yao 蠡县麻山药 Yam PGI
China Jinxiang Da Suan 金乡大蒜 Garlic PGI
China Zhenjiang Xiang Cu 镇江香醋 Vinegar PGI
China Longkou Fen Si 龙口粉丝 Pasta PGI
Colombia Café de Colombia Coffee PGI
Croatia Baranjski kulen Sausage PGI
Croatia Dalmatinski pršut Ham PGI
Croatia Drniški pršut Ham PGI
Croatia Krčki pršut Ham PGI
Croatia Lički krumpir Potato PGI
Croatia Poljički soparnik / Poljički zeljanik / Poljički uljenjak Bread PGI
Croatia Zagorski puran Turkey PGI
Czech Rep Chelčicko — Lhenické ovoce Fruit (various) PGI
Czech Rep Hořické trubičky Wafer PGI
Czech Rep Jihočeská Niva Cheese PGI
Czech Rep Jihočeská Zlatá Niva Cheese PGI
Czech Rep Karlovarské oplatky Wafer PGI
Czech Rep Karlovarské trojhránky Wafer PGI
Czech Rep Karlovarský suchar Rusk PGI
Czech Rep Lomnické suchary Rusk PGI
Czech Rep Mariánskolázeňské oplatky Wafer PGI
Czech Rep Olomoucké tvarůžky Cheese PGI
Czech Rep Pardubický perník Biscuit PGI
Czech Rep Štramberské uši Wafer PGI
Czech Rep Třeboňský kapr Carp PGI
Czech Rep Valašský frgál Cake PGI
Denmark Danbo Cheese PGI
Denmark Esrom Cheese PGI
Denmark Lammefjordsgulerod Carrot PGI
Denmark Lammefjordskartofler Potato PGI
Denmark Vadehavslam Lamb PGI
Denmark Vadehavsstude Beef PGI
Finland Kainuun rönttönen Pie PGI
Finland Puruveden muikku Fish PGI
France Agneau de lait des Pyrénées Lamb PGI
France Agneau de l'Aveyron Lamb PGI
France Agneau de Lozère Lamb PGI
France Agneau de Pauillac Lamb PGI
France Agneau de Sisteron Lamb PGI
France Agneau du Bourbonnais Lamb PGI
France Agneau du Limousin Lamb PGI
France Agneau du Périgord Lamb PGI
France Agneau du Poitou-Charentes Lamb PGI
France Agneau du Quercy Lamb PGI
France Ail blanc de Lomagne Garlic PGI
France Ail de la Drôme Garlic PGI
France Ail fumé d'Arleux Garlic PGI
France Ail rose de Lautrec Garlic PGI
France Anchois de Collioure Anchovy PGI
France Artichaut du Roussillon Artichoke PGI
France Asperge des sables des Landes Asparagus PGI
France Asperges du Blayais Asparagus PGI
France Bergamote(s) de Nancy Confectionery PGI
France Bœuf charolais du Bourbonnais Beef PGI
France Bœuf de Bazas Beef PGI
France Bœuf de Chalosse Beef PGI
France Boeuf de Vendée Beef PGI
France Bœuf du Maine Beef PGI
France Boudin blanc de Rethel Sauage PGI
France Brioche vendéenne Bread PGI
France Brillat-Savarin Cheese PGI
France Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest (Chalosse, ascogne, Gers, Landes, Périgord, Quercy) Duck PGI
France Chapon du Périgord Chicken PGI
France Charolais de Bourgogne Beef PGI
France Choucroute d'Alsace Sauerkraut PGI
France Citron de Menton Lemon PGI
France Clémentine de Corse Clementine PGI
France Coquille Saint-Jacques des Côtes d'Armor Scallops PGI
France Crème fraîche fluide d'Alsace Cream PGI
France Echalote d’Anjou Shallot PGI
France Emmental de Savoie Cheese PGI
France Emmental français est-central Cheese PGI
France Farine de blé noir de Bretagne Flour PGI
France Farine de Petit Épeautre de Haute Provence Flour PGI
France Fraise du Périgord Strawberry PGI
France Fraises de Nîmes Strawberry PGI
France Gâche vendéenne Bread PGI
France Génisse Fleur d'Aubrac Beef PGI
France Gruyère Cheese PGI
France Haricot tarbais Bean PGI
France Huîtres Marennes Oléron Oyster PGI
France Jambon d'Auvergne Ham PGI
France Jambon de Bayonne Ham PGI
France Jambon de Lacaune Ham PGI
France Jambon de l'Ardèche Ham PGI
France Jambon de Vendée Ham PGI
France Jambon sec des Ardennes / Noix de Jambon sec des Ardennes Ham PGI
France Kiwi de l'Adour Kiwi PGI
France Lentilles vertes du Berry Lentil PGI
France Lingot du Nord Bean PGI
France Mâche nantaise Lamb’s lettuce PGI
France Melon de Guadeloupe Melon PGI
France Melon du Haut-Poitou Melon PGI
France Melon du Quercy Melon PGI
France Miel d'Alsace Honey PGI
France Miel de Provence Honey PGI
France Miel des Cévennes Honey PGI
France Mirabelles de Lorraine Plum PGI
France Mogette de Vendée Bean PGI
France Moutarde de Bourgogne Mustard PGI
France Noisette de Cervione — Nuciola di Cervioni Hazelnut PGI
France Oeufs de Loué Egg PGI
France Oie d'Anjou Goose PGI
France Pâté de Campagne Breton Pâté PGI
France Pâtes d'Alsace Pâté PGI
France Petit Épeautre de Haute Provence Flour PGI
France Pintade de l'Ardèche Guinea flowl PGI
France Pintadeau de la Drôme Guinea fowl PGI
France Poireaux de Créances Leek PGI
France Pomelo de Corse Grapefruit PGI
France Pommes de terre de Merville Potato PGI
France Pommes des Alpes de Haute Durance Apple PGI
France Pommes et poires de Savoie Apple, pear PGI
France Porc d'Auvergne Pork PGI
France Porc de Franche-Comté Pork PGI
France Porc de la Sarthe Pork PGI
France Porc de Normandie Pork PGI
France Porc de Vendée Pork PGI
France Porc du Limousin Pork PGI
France Porc du Sud-Ouest Pork PGI
France Poularde du Périgord Chicken PGI
France Poulet de l'Ardèche/Chapon de l'Ardèche Chicken PGI
France Poulet des Cévennes / Chapon des Cévennes Chicken PGI
France Poulet du Périgord Chicken PGI
France Pruneaux d'Agen ; Pruneaux d'Agen mi-cuits Prune PGI
France Raclette de Savoie Cheese PGI
France Raviole du Dauphiné Pasta PGI
France Rillettes de Tours Pâté PGI
France Riz de Camargue Rice PGI
France Rosée des Pyrénées Catalanes Veal PGI
France Saint-Marcellin Cheese PGI
France Saucisse de Montbéliard Sausage PGI
France Saucisse de Morteau / Jésus de Morteau Sausage PGI
France Saucisson de Lacaune / Saucisse de Lacaune Sausage PGI
France Saucisson de l'Ardèche Sausage PGI
France Saucisson sec d’Auvergne / Saucisse sèche d’Auvergne Sausage PGI
France Sel de Guérande / Fleur de sel de Guérande Salt PGI
France Sel de Salies-de-Béarn Salt PGI
France Soumaintrain Cheese PGI
France|[Thym de Provence Herb PGI
France Tomme de Savoie Cheese PGI
France Tomme des Pyrénées Cheese PGI
France Veau d'Aveyron et du Ségala Veal PGI
France Veau du Limousin Veal PGI
France Volailles d'Alsace Poultry PGI
France Volailles d'Ancenis Poultry PGI
France Volailles d'Auvergne Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Bourgogne Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Bretagne Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Challans Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Cholet Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Gascogne Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Houdan Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Janzé Poultry PGI
France Volailles de la Champagne Poultry PGI
France Volailles de la Drôme Poultry PGI
France Volailles de l'Ain Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Licques Poultry PGI
France Volailles de l'Orléanais Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Loué Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Normandie Poultry PGI
France Volailles de Vendée Poultry PGI
France Volailles des Landes Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Béarn Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Berry Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Charolais Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Forez Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Gatinais Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Gers Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Languedoc Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Lauragais Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Maine Poultry PGI
France Volailles du plateau de Langres Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Val de Sèvres Poultry PGI
France Volailles du Velay Poultry PGI
Germany Aachener Printen Biscuit PGI
Germany Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst / Oecher Weihnachtsleberwurst Sausage PGI
Germany Abensberger Spargel/Abensberger Qualitätsspargel Asparagus PGI
Germany Aischgründer Karpfen Carp PGI
Germany Ammerländer Dielenrauchschinken ; Ammerländer Katenschinke Ham PGI
Germany Ammerländer Schinken ; Ammerländer Knochenschinken Ham PGI
Germany Bamberger Hörnla / Bamberger Hörnle / Bamberger Hörnchen Potato PGI
Germany Bayerische Breze / Bayerische Brezn / Bayerische Brez’n / Bayerische Brezel Pretzel PGI
Germany Bayerischer Meerrettich ; Bayerischer Kren Horseradish PGI
Germany Bayerisches Rindfleisch / Rindfleisch aus Bayern Beef PGI
Germany Bornheimer Spargel / Spargel aus dem Anbaugebiet Bornheim Asparagus PGI
Germany Bremer Klaben Cake PGI
Germany Dithmarscher Kohl Cabbage PGI
Germany Dresdner Christstollen / Dresdner Stollen/ Dresdner Weihna (...) Cake PGI
Germany Düsseldorfer Mostert/Düsseldorfer Senf Mostert/Düsseldorfer Urtyp Mostert/Aechter Düsseldorfer Mostert Mustard PGI
Germany Eichsfelder Feldgieker / Eichsfelder Feldkieker Sausage PGI
Germany Elbe-Saale Hopfen Hop PGI
Germany Feldsalat von der Insel Reichenau Lamb’s lettuce PGI
Germany Filderkraut / Filderspitzkraut Cabbage PGI
Germany Flönz Sausage PGI
Germany Frankfurter Grüne Soße / Frankfurter Grie Soß Herb mix PGI
Germany Fränkischer Karpfen / Frankenkarpfen / Karpfen aus Franken Carp PGI
Germany Glückstädter Matjes Herring PGI
Germany Göttinger Feldkieker Sausage PGI
Germany Göttinger Stracke Sausage PGI
Germany Greußener salami Sausage PGI
Germany Gurken von der Insel Reichenau Gherkin PGI
Germany Halberstädter Würstchen Sausage PGI
Germany Hessischer Handkäse Cheese PGI
Germany Hofer Rindfleischwurst Sausage PGI
Germany Holsteiner Karpfen Carp PGI
Germany Holsteiner Katenschinken / Holsteiner Schinken/ Holsteiner Katenrauchschinken / Holsteiner Knochenschinken Ham PGI
Germany Holsteiner Tilsiter Cheese PGI
Germany Hopfen aus der Hallertau Hop PGI
Germany Höri Bülle Onion PGI
Germany Lausitzer leinöl Linseed oil PGI
Germany Lübecker marzipan Marzipan PGI
Germany Lüneburger Heidekartoffeln Potato PGI
Germany Meißner Fummel Pastry PGI
Germany Nieheimer Käse Cheese PGI
Germany Nürnberger Bratwürste ; Nürnberger Rostbratwürste Sausage PGI
Germany Nürnberger Lebkuchen Biscuit PGI
Germany Obazda / Obatzter Cheese PGI
Germany Oberlausitzer Biokarpfen Carp PGI
Germany Oberpfälzer Karpfen Carp PGI
Germany Oecher Puttes / Aachener Puttes Sausage PGI
Germany Rheinisches Apfelkraut Apple / pear syrup PGI
Germany Rheinisches Zuckerrübenkraut / Rheinischer Zuckerrübensirup / Rheinisches Rübenkraut Sugar beet PGI
Germany Salate von der Insel Reichenau Lettuce PGI
Germany Salzwedeler Baumkuchen Cake PGI
Germany Schrobenhausener Spargel / Spargel aus dem Schrobenhausener Land / Spargel aus dem Anbaugebiet Schrobenhausen Asparagus PGI
Germany Schwäbische Maultaschen/Schwäbische Suppenmaultaschen Pasta PGI
Germany Schwäbische Spätzle / Schwäbische Knöpfle Pasta PGI
Germany Schwäbisch-Hällisches Qualitätsschweinefleisch Pork PGI
Germany Schwarzwälder Schinken Ham PGI
Germany Schwarzwaldforelle Trout PGI
Germany Spargel aus Franken/Fränkischer Spargel/Franken-Spargel Asparagus PGI
Germany Spreewälder Gurken Cucumber PGI
Germany Spreewälder Meerrettich Horseradish PGI
Germany Tettnanger Hopfen Hop PGI
Germany Thüringer Leberwurst Sausage PGI
Germany Thüringer Rostbratwurst Grilled sausage PGI
Germany Thüringer Rotwurst Blood sausage PGI
Germany Tomaten von der Insel Reichenau Tomato PGI
Germany Walbecker Spargel Asparagus PGI
Germany Westfälischer Knochenschinken Ham PGI
Germany Westfälischer Pumpernickel Bread PGI
Greece Agios Mattheos Kerkyras Άγιος Ματθαίος Κέρκυρας Olive oil PGI
Greece Agkinara Irion Αγκινάρα Ιρίων Artichoke PGI
Greece Aktinidio Pierias Ακτινίδιο Πιερίας Kiwi PGI
Greece Zakynthos Ζάκυνθος Olive oil PGI
Greece Thassos Θάσος Olive oil PGI
Greece Kefalonia Κεφαλονιά Olive oil PGI
Greece Konservolia Artas Κονσερβολιά Άρτας Olive PGI
Greece Koum kouat Kerkyras Κουμ Κουάτ Κέρκυρας Kumquat PGI
Greece Kritiko paximadi Κρητικό παξιμάδι Biscuit PGI
Greece Lakonia Λακωνία Olive oil PGI
Greece Lesvos ; Mytilini Λέσβος ; Mυτιλήν Olive oil PGI
Greece Mandarini Chiou Μανταρίνι Χίου Mandarin PGI
Greece Melekouni Μελεκούνι Sweets PGI
Greece Milo Kastorias Μήλο Καστοριάς Apple PGI
Greece Olympia Ολυμπία Olive oil PGI
Greece Patata Kato Nevrokopiou Πατάτα Κάτω Νευροκοπίου Potato PGI
Greece Patata Naxou Πατάτα Νάξου Potato PGI
Greece Preveza Πρέβεζα Olive oil PGI
Greece Rodos Ρόδος Olive oil PGI
Greece Samos Σάμος Olive oil PGI
Greece Stafida Ilias Σταφίδα Ηλείας Sultana PGI
Greece Stafida Soultanina Kritis Σταφίδα Σουλτανίνα Κρήτης Sultana PGI
Greece Syka Vravronas Markopoulou Mesogeion Σύκα Βραβρώνας Μαρκοπούλου Μεσογείων Fig PGI
Greece Fava Feneou Φάβα Φενεού Bean PGI
Greece Fasolia Gigantes Elefantes Prespon Florinas Φασόλια (Γίγαντες Ελέφαντες) Πρεσπών Φλώρινας Bean PGI
Greece Fasolia (plake megalosperma) Prespon Florinas Φασόλια (πλακέ μεγαλόσπερμα) Πρεσπών Φλώρινας Bean PGI
Greece Fasolia Vanilies Feneou Φασόλια Βανίλιες Φενεού Bean PGI
Greece Fasolia Gigantes — Elefantes Kastorias φασολια γιγαντεσ — ελεφαντεσ καστοριασ Bean PGI
Greece Fassolia Gigantes Elefantes Kato Nevrokopiou Φασόλια γίγαντες ελέφαντες Κάτω Νευροκοπίου Bean PGI
Greece Fassolia kina Messosperma Kato Nevrokopiou Φασόλια κοινά μεσόσπερμα Κάτω Νευροκοπίοu Bean PGI
Greece Chania Kritis Χανιά Κρήτης Olive oil PGI
Cyprus Glyko Triantafyllo Agrou Γλυκό Τριαντάφυλλο Αγρού Jam PGI
Cyprus Koufeta Amygdalou Geroskipou Κουφέτα Αμυγδάλου Γεροσκήπου Confectionary PGI
Cyprus Loukoumi Geroskipou Λουκούμι Γεροσκήπου Confectionary PGI
Cyprus Pafitiko Loukaniko Παφίτικο Λουκάνικο Sausage PGI
Hungary Budapesti téliszalámi Sausage PGI
Hungary Csabai kolbász/Csabai vastagkolbász Sausage PGI
Hungary Gönci kajszibarack Apricot PGI
Hungary Gyulai kolbász / Gyulai pároskolbász Sausage PGI
Hungary Magyar szürkemarha hús Beef PGI
Hungary Szentesi paprika Paprika PGI
India Darjeeling Tea PGI
Ireland Clare Island Salmon Salmon PGI
Ireland Connemara Hill lamb ; Uain Sléibhe Chonamara Lamb PGI
Ireland Timoleague Brown Pudding Sausage PGI
Ireland Waterford blaa Bread PGI
Italy Abbacchio Romano Lamb PGI
Italy Acciughe sotto sale del Mar Ligure Fish PGI
Italy Aceto Balsamico di Modena Vinegar PGI
Italy Agnello del Centro Italia Lamb PGI
Italy Agnello di Sardegna Lamb PGI
Italy Amarene Brusche di Modena Cherry PGI
Italy Anguria Reggiana Watermelon PGI
Italy Arancia del Gargano Orange PGI
Italy Arancia Rossa di Sicilia Orange PGI
Italy Asparago bianco di Cimadolmo Asparagus PGI
Italy Asparago di Badoere Asparagus PGI
Italy Asparago di Cantello Asparagus PGI
Italy Asparago verde di Altedo Asparagus PGI
Italy Bresaola della Valtellina Beef PGI
Italy Burrata di Andria Cheese PGI
Italy Canestrato di Moliterno Cheese PGI
Italy Cantuccini Toscani/Cantucci Toscani Biscuit PGI
Italy Cappellacci di zucca ferraresi Pasta PGI
Italy Cappero di Pantelleria Caper PGI
Italy Carciofo Brindisino Artichoke PGI
Italy Carciofo di Paestum Artichoke PGI
Italy Carciofo Romanesco del Lazio Artichoke PGI
Italy Carota dell'Altopiano del Fucino Carrot PGI
Italy Carota Novella di Ispica Carrot PGI
Italy Castagna Cuneo Chestnut PGI
Italy Castagna del Monte Amiata Chestnut PGI
Italy Castagna di Montella Chestnut PGI
Italy Ciauscolo Sausage PGI
Italy Ciliegia di Marostica Cherry PGI
Italy Ciliegia di Vignola Cherry PGI
Italy Cipolla bianca di Margherita Onion PGI
Italy Cipolla Rossa di Tropea Calabria Onion PGI
Italy Clementine del Golfo di Taranto Clementine PGI
Italy Clementine di Calabria Clementine PGI
Italy Coppa di Parma Sausage PGI
Italy Coppia Ferrarese Bread PGI
Italy Cotechino Modena (Modena sausage)|Cotechino Modena Sausage PGI
Italy Culurgionis d’Ogliastra Pasta PGI
Italy Fagiolo Cuneo Bean PGI
Italy Fagiolo di Lamon della Vallata Bellunese Bean PGI
Italy Fagiolo di Sarconi Bean PGI
Italy Fagiolo di Sorana Bean PGI
Italy Farro della Garfagnana Flour PGI
Italy Finocchiona Fennel PGI
Italy Focaccia di Recco col formaggio Bread PGI
Italy Fungo di Borgotaro Mushroom PGI
Italy Insalata di Lusia Lettuce PGI
Italy Kiwi Latina Kiwi PGI
Italy Lardo di Colonnata Lard PGI
Italy Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia Lentil PGI
Italy Limone Costa d'Amalfi Lemon PGI
Italy Limone di Rocca Imperiale Lemon PGI
Italy Limone di Siracusa Lemon PGI
Italy Limone di Sorrento Lemon PGI
Italy Limone Femminello del Gargano Lemon PGI
Italy Limone Interdonato Messina Lemon PGI
Italy Maccheroncini di Campofilone Pasta PGI
Italy Marrone del Mugello Chestnut PGI
Italy Marrone della Valle di Susa Chestnut PGI
Italy Marrone di Castel del Rio (Castel del Rio chestnut)|Marrone di Castel del Rio Chestnut PGI
Italy Marrone di Combai Chestnut PGI
Italy Marrone di Roccadaspide Chestnut PGI
Italy Marroni del Monfenera Chestnut PGI
Italy Mela Alto Adige ; Südtiroler Apfel Apple PGI
Italy Mela di Valtellina Apple PGI
Italy Mela Rossa Cuneo Apple PGI
Italy Melannurca Campana Apple PGI
Italy Melone Mantovano Melon PGI
Italy Mortadella Bologna Sausage PGI
Italy Mortadella di Prato Sausage PGI
Italy Nocciola del Piemonte ; Nocciola Piemonte Hazelnut PGI
Italy Nocciola di Giffoni Hazelnut PGI
Italy Olio di Calabria Olive oil PGI
Italy Pampapato di Ferrara/Pampepato di Ferrara Cake PGI
Italy Pane casareccio di Genzano Bread PGI
Italy Pane di Matera Bread PGI
Italy Panforte di Siena Cake PGI
Italy Pasta di Gragnano Pasta PGI
Italy Patata del Fucino Potato PGI
Italy Patata dell’ Alto Viterbese Potato PGI
Italy Patata della Sila Potato PGI
Italy Patata Rossa di Colfiorito Potato PGI
Italy Peperone di Senise Sweet pepper PGI
Italy Pera dell'Emilia Romagna Pear PGI
Italy Pera mantovana Pear PGI
Italy Pesca di Leonforte Peach PGI
Italy Pesca di Verona Peach PGI
Italy Pesca e Nettarina di Romagna Peach & nectarine PGI
Italy Pescabivona Peach PGI
Italy Piadina Romagnola / Piada Romagnola Bread PGI
Italy Pizzoccheri della Valtellina Pasta PGI
Italy Pomodoro di Pachino Tomato PGI
Italy Porchetta di Ariccia Pork PGI
Italy Prosciutto Amatriciano Ham PGI
Italy Prosciutto di Norcia Ham PGI
Italy Prosciutto di Sauris Ham PGI
Italy Radicchio di Chioggia Radicchio PGI
Italy Radicchio di Verona Radicchio PGI
Italy Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Chicory PGI
Italy Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco Radicchio PGI
Italy Ricciarelli di Siena Cake PGI
Italy Riso del Delta del Po Rice PGI
Italy Riso Nano Vialone Veronese Rice PGI
Italy Salama da sugo Sausage PGI
Italy Salame Cremona Sausage PGI
Italy Salame d'oca di Mortara Sausage PGI
Italy Salame Felino Sausage PGI
Italy Salame Piemonte Sausage PGI
Italy Salame S. Angelo Sausage PGI
Italy Sale Marino di Trapani Salt PGI
Italy Salmerino del Trentino Fish PGI
Italy Scalogno di Romagna Shallot PGI
Italy Sedano Bianco di Sperlonga Celery PGI
Italy Sicilia Olive oil PGI
Italy Speck Alto Adige / Südtiroler Markenspeck / Südtiroler Speck Ham PGI
Italy Torrone di Bagnara Nougat PGI
Italy Toscano Olive oil PGI
Italy Trote del Trentino Fish PGI
Italy Uva da tavola di Canicattì Grape PGI
Italy Uva da tavola di Mazzarrone Grape PGI
Italy Uva di Puglia Grape PGI
Italy Vitellone bianco dell'Appennino centrale Veal PGI
Italy Zampone Modena Trotter PGI
Latvia Carnikavas nēģi Fish PGI
Lithuania Daujėnų naminė duona Bread PGI
Lithuania Lietuviškas varškės sūris Cheese PGI
Lithuania Liliputas Cheese PGI
Luxembourg Salaisons fumées, marque nationale grand-duché de Luxemboug Ham PGI
Luxembourg Viande de porc, marque nationale grand-duché de Luxembourg Pork PGI
Netherlands De Meerlander Potato PGI
Netherlands Edam Holland Cheese PGI
Netherlands Gouda Holland Cheese PGI
Netherlands Hollandse geitenkaas Cheese PGI
Netherlands Westlandse druif (Westland table grapes) Grape PGI
Norway Tørrfisk fra Lofoten Fish PGI
Poland Andruty kaliskie Wafer PGI
Poland Cebularz lubelski Bread PGI
Poland Chleb prądnicki Bread PGI
Poland Fasola korczyńska Bean PGI
Poland Jabłka grójeckie Apple PGI
Poland Jabłka łąckie Apple PGI
Poland Jagnięcina podhalańska Lamb PGI
Poland Kiełbasa lisiecka Sausage PGI
Poland Kołocz śląski/kołacz śląski Cake PGI
Poland Krupnioki śląskie Sausage PGI
Poland Miód drahimski Honey PGI
Poland Miód kurpiowski Honey PGI
Poland Miód wrzosowy z Borów Dolnośląskich Honey PGI
Poland Obwarzanek krakowski Cake PGI
Poland Rogal świętomarciński Pastry PGI
Poland Ser koryciński swojski Cheese PGI
Poland Śliwka szydłowska Prune PGI
Poland Suska sechlońska Prune PGI
Poland Truskawka kaszubska / Kaszëbskô malëna Strawberry PGI
Poland Wielkopolski ser smażony Cheese PGI
Portugal Alheira de Barroso-Montalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Alheira de Mirandela Sausage PGI
Portugal Alheira de Vinhais Sausage PGI
Portugal Arroz Carolino das Lezírias Ribatejanas Rice PGI
Portugal Arroz Carolino do Baixo Mondego Rice PGI
Portugal Batata de Trás-os-Montes Potato PGI
Portugal Batata Doce de Aljezur Sweet potato PGI
Portugal Borrego da Beira Lamb PGI
Portugal Borrego de Montemor-o-Novo Lamb PGI
Portugal Borrego do Baixo Alentejo Lamb PGI
Portugal Borrego do Nordeste Alentejano Lamb PGI
Portugal Butelo de Vinhais ; Bucho de Vinhais ; Chouriço de Ossos de Vinhais Sausage PGI
Portugal Cabrito da Beira Kid PGI
Portugal Cabrito da Gralheira Kid PGI
Portugal Cabrito das Terras Altas do Minho Kid PGI
Portugal Cabrito de Barroso Kid PGI
Portugal Cabrito do Alentejo Kid PGI
Portugal Cacholeira Branca de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Capão de Freamunde Chicken PGI
Portugal Carne de Bovino Cruzado dos Lameiros do Barroso Beef PGI
Portugal Carne dos Açores Beef PGI
Portugal Cereja da Cova da Beira Cherry PGI
Portugal Chouriça de Carne de Barroso-Montalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriça de Carne de Melgaço Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriça de Carne de Vinhais ; Linguiça de Vinhais Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriça de sangue de Melgaço Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriça doce de Vinhais Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriço Azedo de Vinhais ; Azedo de Vinhais ; Chouriço de Vinhais Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriço de Abóbora de Barroso-Montalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriço de Carne de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriço de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriço grosso de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Chouriço Mouro de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Citrinos do Algarve Citrus fruit PGI
Portugal Cordeiro de Barroso ; Anho de Barroso ; Cordeiro de leite de Barroso Lamb PGI
Portugal Farinheira de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Farinheira de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Fogaça da Feira Bread PGI
Portugal Ginja de Óbidos e Alcobaça Cherry PGI
Portugal Linguiça de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Linguíça do Baixo Alentejo ; Chouriço de carne do Baixo Alentejo Sausage PGI
Portugal Lombo Branco de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Lombo Enguitado de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Maçã da Beira Alta Apple PGI
Portugal Maçã da Cova da Beira Apple PGI
Portugal Maçã de Alcobaça Apple PGI
Portugal Maçã de Portalegre Apple PGI
Portugal Meloa de Santa Maria — Açores Melon PGI
Portugal Morcela de Assar de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Morcela de Cozer de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Morcela de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Ovos moles de Aveiro Confectionary PGI
Portugal Paia de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Paia de Lombo de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Paia de Toucinho de Estremoz e Borba Sausage PGI
Portugal Painho de Portalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Paio de Beja Sausage PGI
Portugal Pão de Ló de Ovar Bread PGI
Portugal Pastel de Chaves Pastry PGI
Portugal Pastel deTentúgal Pastry PGI
Portugal Pêssego da Cova da Beira Peach PGI
Portugal Presunto de Barroso Ham PGI
Portugal Presunto de Camp Maior e Elvas ; Paleta de Campo Maior e Evas Ham PGI
Portugal Presunto de Melgaço Ham PGI
Portugal Presunto de Santana da Serra ; Paleta de Santana da Serra Ham PGI
Portugal Presunto de Vinhais / Presunto Bísaro de Vinhais Ham PGI
Portugal Queijo Mestiço de Tolosa Ham PGI
Portugal Salpicão de Barroso-Montalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Salpicão de Melgaço Sausage PGI
Portugal Salpicão de Vinhais Sausage PGI
Portugal Sangueira de Barroso-Montalegre Sausage PGI
Portugal Vitela de Lafões Veal PGI
Romania Magiun de prune Topoloveni Preserve PGI
Romania Salam de Sibiu Sausage PGI
Slovakia Klenovecký syrec Cheese PGI
Slovakia Levický slad Malt PGI
Slovakia Oravský korbáčik Cheese PGI
Slovakia Skalický trdelník Pastry PGI
Slovakia Slovenská bryndza Cheese PGI
Slovakia Slovenská parenica Cheese PGI
Slovakia Slovenský oštiepok Cheese PGI
Slovakia Tekovský salámový syr Cheese PGI
Slovakia Zázrivské vojky Cheese PGI
Slovakia Zázrivský korbáčik Cheese PGI
Slovakia Slovenský oštiepok Cheese PGI
Slovakia Tekovský salámový syr Cheese PGI
Slovakia Zázrivské vojky Cheese PGI
Slovakia Zázrivský korbáčik Cheese PGI
Slovenia Kranjska klobasa Sausage PGI
Slovenia Kraška panceta Ham PGI
Slovenia Kraški pršut Ham PGI
Slovenia Kraški zašink Ham PGI
Slovenia Prekmurska Šunka Ham PGI
Slovenia Prleška tünka Ham PGI
Slovenia Ptujski lük Onion PGI
Slovenia Šebreljski želodec Sausage PGI
Slovenia Slovenski med Honey PGI
Slovenia Štajersko prekmursko bučno olje Pumpkin seed oil PGI
Slovenia Zgornjesavinjski želodec Sausage PGI
Spain Ajo Morado de Las Pedroñeras Garlic PGI
Spain Alcachofa de Tudela Artichoke PGI
Spain Alfajor de Medina Sidonia Confectionary PGI
Spain Almendra de Mallorca / Almendra Mallorquina / Ametlla de Mallorca Almond PGI
Spain Alubia de La Bañeza-León Bean PGI
Spain Berenjena de Almagro Aubergine PGI
Spain Botillo del Bierzo Ham PGI
Spain Caballa de Andalucia Fish PGI
Spain Calçot de Valls Onion PGI
Spain Capón de Vilalba Poultry PGI
Spain Carne de Ávila Beef/veal PGI
Spain Carne de Cantabria Beef PGI
Spain Carne de la Sierra de Guadarrama Beef PGI
Spain Carne de Morucha de Salamanca Beef/veal PGI
Spain Carne de Salamanca Beef/veal PGI
Spain Carne de Vacuno del País Vasco/Euskal Okela Beef PGI
Spain Castaña de Galicia Chestnut PGI
Spain Cecina de León Cured beef PGI
Spain Cerezas de la Montaña de Alicante Cherry PGI
Spain Chorizo de Cantimpalos Sausage PGI
Spain Chorizo Riojano Sausage PGI
Spain Chosco de Tineo Ham PGI
Spain Cítricos Valencianos / Cítrics Valencians Citrus fruit PGI
Spain Clementinas de las Tierras del Ebro ; Clementines de les Terres de Ebre Clementine PGI
Spain Coliflor de Calahorra Cauliflower PGI
Spain Cordero de Extremadura Lamb PGI
Spain Cordero de Navarra ; Nafarroako Arkumea Lamb PGI
Spain Cordero Manchego Lamb PGI
Spain Cordero Segureño Lamb PGI
Spain Ensaimada de Mallorca ; Ensaimada mallorquina Bread PGI
Spain Espárrago de Huétor-Tájar Asparagus PGI
Spain Espárrago de Navarra Asparagus PGI
Spain Faba Asturiana Bean PGI
Spain Faba de Lourenzá Bean PGI
Spain Gall del Penedès Chicken PGI
Spain Garbanzo de Escacena Chickpea PGI
Spain Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco Chickpea PGI
Spain Gofio Canario Flour PGI
Spain Grelos de Galicia Turnip green PGI
Spain Jamón de Serón Ham PGI
Spain Jamón de Trevélez Ham PGI
Spain Jijona Confectionery PGI
Spain Judías de El Barco de Ávila Bean PGI
Spain Lacón Gallego Ham PGI
Spain Lechazo de Castilla y León Lamb PGI
Spain Lenteja de La Armuña Lentil PGI
Spain Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos Lentil PGI
Spain Mantecadas de Astorga Cake PGI
Spain Mantecados de Estepa Cake PGI
Spain Manzana de Girona ; Poma de Girona Apple PGI
Spain Mazapán de Toledo Confectionary PGI
Spain Melón de la Mancha Melon PGI
Spain Melón de Torre Pacheco-Murcia Melon PGI
Spain Melva de Andalucia Fish PGI
Spain Miel de Galicia ; Mel de Galicia Honey PGI
Spain Mojama de Barbate Fish PGI
Spain Mojama de Isla Cristina Fish PGI
Spain Morcilla de Burgos Sausage PGI
Spain Pa de Pagès Català Bread PGI
Spain Pan de Alfacar Bread PGI
Spain Pan de Cea Bread PGI
Spain Pan de Cruz de Ciudad Real Bread PGI
Spain Pataca de Galicia / Patata de Galicia Potato PGI
Spain Patatas de Prades ; Patates de Prades Potato PGI
Spain Pemento da Arnoia Pepper PGI
Spain Pemento de Mougán Pepper PGI
Spain Pemento de Oímbra Pepper PGI
Spain Pemento do Couto Pepper PGI
Spain Pimiento Asado del Bierzo Pepper PGI
Spain Pimiento de Fresno-Benavente Pepper PGI
Spain Pimiento de Gernika or Gernikako Piperra Pepper PGI
Spain Pimiento Riojano Pepper PGI
Spain Plátano de Canarias Banana PGI
Spain Pollo y Capón del Prat Chicken PGI
Spain Polvorones de Estepa Biscuit PGI
Spain Queso de Valdeón Cheese PGI
Spain Queso Los Beyos Cheese PGI
Spain Salchichón de Vic ; Llonganissa de Vic Sausage PGI
Spain Sobao Pasiego Cake PGI
Spain Sobrasada de Mallorca Sausage PGI
Spain Tarta de Santiago Cake PGI
Spain Ternasco de Aragón Lamb PGI
Spain Ternera Asturiana Beef PGI
Spain Ternera de Aliste Beef PGI
Spain Ternera de Extremadura Beef PGI
Spain Ternera de los Pirineos Catalanes / Vedella dels Pirineus Catalans Beef PGI
Spain Ternera de Navarra ; Nafarroako Aratxea Beef PGI
Spain Ternera Gallega Veal PGI
Spain Tomate La Cañada Tomato PGI
Spain Turrón de Agramunt ; Torró d'Agramunt Nougat PGI
Spain Turrón de Alicante Confectionery PGI
Sweden Bruna bönor från Öland Bean PGI
Sweden Skånsk spettekaka Cake PGI
Sweden Svecia Cheese PGI
Turkey Antep Baklavası / Gaziantep Baklavası Pastry PGI
UK Armagh Bramley Apples Apple PGI
UK Carmarthen Ham Ham PGI
UK Cornish pasty Pasty PGI
UK Cornish sardines Sardine PGI
UK Dorset Blue Vinney Cheese PGI
UK Exmoor Blue Cheese PGI
UK Fenland Celery Celery PGI
UK London Cure Smoked Salmon Salmon PGI
UK Lough Neagh Eel Eel PGI
UK Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Pork Pie PGI
UK New Season Comber Potato / Comber Earlies Potato PGI
UK Newmarket Sausage Sausage PGI
UK Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar Cheese PGI
UK Pembrokeshire Earlies Potato PGI
UK Scotch Beef Beef PGI
UK Scotch Lamb Lamb PGI
UK Scottish Farmed Salmon Salmon PGI
UK Scottish Wild Salmon Salmon PGI
UK Stornoway Black Pudding Sausage PGI
UK Teviotdale Cheese PGI
UK Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop Cheese PGI
UK Traditional Cumberland Sausage Sausage PGI
UK Traditional Grimsby smoked fish Fish PGI
UK Traditional Welsh Caerphilly/Traditional Welsh Caerffili Cheese PGI
UK Vale of Evesham Asparagus Asparagus PGI
UK Welsh Beef Beef PGI
UK Welsh Lamb Lamb PGI
UK West Country Beef Beef PGI
UK West Country Lamb Lamb PGI
UK West Wales Coracle Caught Salmon Salmon PGI
UK West Wales Coracle Caught Sewin Sea Trout PGI
UK Whitstable Oysters Oyster PGI
UK Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese PGI
Austria Heumilch/Hay milk/Latte fieno/Lait de foin Milk TSG
Bulgaria File Elena Филе Елена Cured pork TSG
Bulgaria Kayserovanvrat Trakiya Кайсерован врат Тракия Cured pork TSG
Bulgaria Lukanka Panagyurska Луканка Панагюрска Cured sausage TSG
Bulgaria Pastarma Govezhda Пастърма говежд Cured beef TSG
Bulgaria Role Trapezitsa Роле Трапезица Cured meat TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Liptovská saláma/Liptovský salám Sausage TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Lovecký salám/Lovecká saláma Sausage TSG
Czech Rep Pražská šunka Ham TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Špekáčky/Špekačky Sausage TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Spišské párky Sausage TSG
Finland Kalakukko Fish pie TSG
Finland Karjalanpiirakka Pie TSG
France Moules de Bouchot Mussel TSG
Hungary Tepertős pogácsa Biscuit TSG
Italy Mozzarella Cheese TSG
Italy Pizza Napoletana Pizza TSG
Latvia Jāņu siers Cheese TSG
Latvia Salinātā rudzu rupjmaize Bread TSG
Latvia Sklandrausis Pie TSG
Lithuania Lietuviškas skilandis Sausage TSG
Lithuania Žemaitiš kaskastinys Dairy TSG
Netherlands Basterdsuiker/ Basterdsuijcker Sugar TSG
Netherlands Boerenkaas Cheese TSG
Netherlands Hollandse maatjesharing/Hollandse Nieuwe/Holländischer Matjes Herring TSG
Poland Pierekaczewnik Pie TSG
Portugal Bacalhau de Cura Tradicional Portuguesa Cod TSG
Slovakia Bratislavský rožok/Pressburger Kipfel/Pozsonyi kifli Pastry (cake) TSG
Slovakia Ovčí hrudkový syr – salašnícky Cheese TSG
Slovakia Ovčí salašnícky údený syr Cheese TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Liptovská saláma/Liptovský salám Sausage TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Lovecký salám/Lovecká saláma Sausage TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Špekáčky/Špekačky Sausage TSG
Czech Rep / Slovakia Spišské párky Sausage TSG
Slovenia Belokranjska pogača Bread TSG
Slovenia Idrijski žlikrofi Pasta TSG
Slovenia Prekmurska gibanica Pastry (cake) TSG
Spain Jamón Serrano Ham TSG
Spain Leche certificada de Granja Milk TSG
Spain Panellets Confectionary TSG
Spain Tortas de Aceite de Castilleja de la Cuesta Crispbread TSG
Sweden Falukorv Sausage TSG
Sweden Hushållsost Cheese TSG
UK Traditional Bramley Apple Pie Filling Pie filling TSG
UK Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Turkey TSG
UK Traditionally Farmed Gloucestershire Old Spot Pork Pork TSG
UK Traditionally reared pedigree Welsh pork Pork TSG

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