Karlovarské trojhránky(Karlovy triangular wafer)

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Karlovarské trojhránky

CZO Karlovarské trojhránky are Czech wafer produced according to a traditional recipe as triangular divisions from flat round Karlové oplatky sprinkled with various mixtures. Eight pieces of the Karlovarské oplatky are layered together with cocoa or chocolate fillings and finally divided with a cutter into their final shape (8 pieces). The prepared trojhránky are packaged either individually or in groups of several pieces. Karlovarské oplatky, which are the basis for Karlovarské trojhránky, are produced in the form of flat rounds of about 19 cm in diameter. They are composed of two thin wafer sheets bearing a characteristic relief depicting, in a 30 mm-wide strip around the outer edge, a branch which is in leaf, below which is the circular inscription ‘Karlovarské oplatky’, which is at least 20 mm wide. In the middle of the wafer is a symbol of the spa town of Karlovy Vary — either a mineral water fountain or a chamois. Karlovy Vary water plays a significant role in determining their taste and in moistening the wafer sheets. The wafer sheets are assembled into a single wafer by baking after being sprinkled with a sugar-and-hazelnut mixture or, depending on the variety, a mixture of a different flavour, namely almond, cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon. The wafers are crisp, light, thin and have a distinctive flavour and odour.

The basic raw materials for Karlovarské oplatky/trojhránky are wheat flour, Karlovy Vary spring water, vegetable fat, sugar, milk, egg mix, starch, baking powder, butter and, depending on the type of sprinkling mixture used, hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa powder, vanilla or cinnamon. Karlovy Vary thermal spring water, which is used in the production of Karlovarské oplatky/trojhránky, has specific properties that are characteristic of the defined area. It is the properties of Karlovy Vary thermal spring water that give the wafer its distinctive characteristics, in particular its crispness and specific odour and taste. Karlovy Vary spring water is a natural bicarbonate-sulphate-chloride-soda type water which seeps to the surface through a tectonic fracture from a depth of more than 800 m at a temperature of 73 °C and contains lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, copper, beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, zinc, cadmium, aluminium, tin, lead, arsenic, antimony, selenium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, fluorides, chlorides, bromides, sulphates, bicarbonates, carbonates and silicic acid. It has been used for centuries in Karlovy Vary, the biggest Czech spa, to treat chronic stomach ulcers, dyskinesis of bile excretory ducts, including postcholecystectomic syndrome, chronic disorders of the pancreas and liver, and bladder calculus and gout. 4.3 Geographical area: The area covered by the spa town of Karlovy Vary.

Method of production:

Karlovarské oplatky, from which Karlovarské trojhránky are produced, are composed of two thin round sheets of wafer having a diameter of about 19 cm and bearing a distinctive relief. The batter is prepared by mixing the ingredients listed above with fresh Karlovy Vary thermal spring water. After baking, the wafers are moistened with Karlovy Vary thermal spring water and baked, always in twos, after being sprinkled with sugar-and-hazelnut mixture, or another flavour of mixture, depending on the variety. At the end of the production process, the wafers are joined into eight layers with cocoa or chocolate fillings. The filling is made with the following ingredients: chocolate chips, hardened vegetable fat, dried milk, cocoa, sugar, soy powder and broken Karlovarské oplatky. The broken Karlovarské oplatky (baked and crushed Karlovarské oplatky are added to the filling to make up 7 % of the total filling content. The filling is prepared so that the individual ingredients gradually become creamy in consistency. It is then spread, always on the upper side of the wafers, eight of which are stacked one on top of the other, pressed, trimmed around the edge and lastly sliced into eight pieces of Karlovarské trojhránky. These are then packaged either individually or in 150 g or 200 g boxes. In order to maintain the product's quality and specific properties, it is essential that at least the production, resting and the assembly of the wafers take place in the defined area.


The specific characteristics of Karlovarské trojhránky are imparted by the use of Karlovy Vary thermal spring water and its specific properties, obtained from springs in the defined geographical area, and by the traditional recipe. The first historical references to the production of Karlovarské oplatky, from which Karlovarské trojhránky are made, date from the mid-18th century in the defined geographical area. The production of Karlovarské trojhránky belongs within this tradition of more than two centuries. In the present day they are used in the promotion of Karlovy Vary by the town's local authorities and by the nation-wide organisation Czech Tourism in international presentations and campaigns. Their quality and popularity is attested to inter alia by the fact that they were presented in 2005 in Edinburgh (Scotland) in the context of the EU-Japan Food Festival and that they are mentioned by the world-famous hockey player Jaromír Jágr as a favourite treat.

Reference: The European Commission