Espárrago de Navarra (Navarre asparagus)

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Espárrago de Navarra

Espárrago de Navarra

Espárrago de Navarra is an IGP tender, fresh shoot of Asparagus officinalis L, purplish, white or green, of the varieties ‘Argenteuil’, ‘Dariana’, ‘Desto’, ‘Cipres’, ‘Grolim’, ‘Juno’, ‘Steline’ and ‘Thielim’, for consumption when fresh or preserved, of set length, diameter and class.

It must be grown in the central Ebro valley, the production area covers 263 municipalities in Navarre, Rioja and Aragon in clay or open clay soils with slightly basic pH; the climate is continental with a Mediterranean influence and the mean temperatures are 13 to 14C. The producers have to use appropriate cultivation, harvesting and production techniques, which are inspected.

Reference: The European Commission