Berenjena de Almagro

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Berenjena de Almagro

Berenjena de Almagro is a Spanish IGP aubergine from Castilla-La Mancha.


Aubergine of the species Solanum Melongena, subspecies Sculentum, variety Depressum, round, elongated or pear-shaped, small, grown for canning.

Geographical area:

Six municipalities in the Campo de Calatrava area in the Province of Ciudad Real.

Proof of origin:

Aubergines produced on farms registered with the Regulatory Council are prepared and canned by registered undertakings. The product leaves the undertaking labelled and with an additional numbered label issued by the Council.

Method of production:

Selected aubergines undergo cooking and fermentation with the necessary seasoning for between four and 15 days and are then canned in the production area.


Clayey-limy soil, continental climate with wide variations in temperature, cultivation techniques and appropriate irrigation provide the ideal conditions for these aubergines for canning. Traditional preparation under controlled conditions.

Reference: The European Commission

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