Aceite Campo de Montiel

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Aceite Campo de Montiel

DOP Aceite Campo de Montiel is an extra-virgin olive oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree of the Cornicabra, Picual, Manzanilla, Arbequina and Local varieties by mechanical processes or other physical means that do not lead to deterioration of the oil, conserving the taste, aroma and characteristics of the fruit from which it is obtained.

The particular characteristics of Aceite Campo de Montiel are due to the natural combination of the main varieties, cornicabra and picual, which give it its distinctive bitterness and spiciness, positive qualities in olive oil that are present, according to organoleptic assessment, in significant values ranging between 3 and 6 for bitterness and between 3,4 and 6,3 for spiciness with, to a lesser extent, apple and almond notes typical of other varieties.

Specific rules concerning slicing, grating, packaging, etc

The oil is bottled within the defined geographical area. In this way, the typical characteristics of the product can be maintained, the inspection bodies have total control of production and the final handling of the product is sure to remain in the hands of the producers and agricultural organisations in the area, who best know how the oils are affected by factors in the packaging process, such as time and method of decanting, filtration operations, diatomaceous earth, cellulose and packaging temperatures, and by the cold and storage. This safeguards the quality of the product and, at the same time, guarantees the traceability of the oils. The packer should have separate systems for packaging the DOP oils and for packaging any other oils. Likewise, the packer must have type-approved systems for measuring oil. The oil is packaged in containers of 5 litres or less made from: glass, plastic, PET, metal, porcelain or ceramic.

Specific rules on labelling

The label on the containers will include, along with the sales name, the designation logo, with the words ‘Denominación de Origen Aceite Campo de Montiel’ and, optionally, the mark of conformity of the product certification body of the inspection body. The containers in which the oil is packaged for consumption will bear a seal of warranty and a numbered label or back label issued by the association, which will be distributed and inspected by the inspection body in such a way that they cannot be reused.

Geographical area

The area where production, manufacture and packaging of the designation of origin takes place covers the following municipalities of the province of Ciudad Real: San Carlos del Valle, Membrilla, Santa Cruz de Mudela, La Solana, Valdepeñas, Almuradiel, Viso del Marqués, San Lorenzo de Calatrava, Albaladejo, Alcubillas, Alhambra, Almedina, Carrizosa, Castellar de Santiago, Cózar, Fuenllana, Montiel, Puebla del Príncipe, Santa Cruz de los Cáñamos, Terrinches, Torre de Juan Abad, Torrenueva, Villahermosa, Villamanrique, Villanueva de la Fuente and Villanueva de los Infantes.

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The Campo de Montiel is a calcareous plateau of over 7 000 km 2 lying at an average altitude of 850 m. The district is physically homogenous and has special features and characteristics that distinguish it from neighbouring districts. The main activity is agriculture. Soil characteristics: healthy soil, largely of the reddish-brown and limy types, with a high calcium carbonate content. The district is subject to extreme climate conditions and a wide range of temperatures with long, harsh winters and hot summers, long hours of sunshine, strong sunlight and low rainfall (600-700 mm).

The soil and climate conditions have a significant influence on agricultural practices and crops in the area and determine to a great extent the quality and characteristics of the local produce, olives and the oil extracted from them being an important part of this. The soil and climate conditions give the extra virgin olive oil produced in Campo de Montiel the specific and distinctive characteristics mentioned above.

Reference: The European Commission

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