Volailles de Licques (Licques poultry)

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Volailles de Licques

IGP Volailles de Licques are poultry (chickens, turkeys, capons and guinea fowl) carcasses or cut pieces with firm flesh, fine skin and excellent taste, slaughtered at an age close to sexual maturity.

Geographical area

The arrondissements of Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Montreuil-sur-Mer and Saint-Omer, as well as adjacent districts.

Evidence of origin

All of the links in the network are listed (hatcheries, food producers, breeders, abattoirs). Documentaiy records are kept for every batch of poultry: declaration by the breeder of birds added to his stock, delivery slips for day old chicks, declaration of departure for the abattoir and receipts for collection of carcases from the abattoir, declaration of the labels used for the poultry after slaughter and declaration of downgraded poultry. The labels are all numbered. Checks on the consistency of the above information mean that the origin of the product can always be traced.


Pure and crossbred slow-growing stock; reared in the open air; cereal-based feed, and minimum age for slaughter of each type; carcasses graded at the abattoir.


The link with the geographical origin of the product derives from the following factors:

Historical reputation, linked to the existence since the 18th century of turkey breeding by the monks of Licques Abbey. The production extended to the adjacent valley, and the reputation of the products spread throughout the region and even into England. Since 1960, the producers have become equally skilled in raising other types of poultry.

Present reputation, which is still very high, as is attested by local celebrations (turkey festival) and the use of Licques poultry by major restaurateurs.


IGP Volailles de Licques, in particular, the Turkey of Licques, can be conserved for almost 10 days after butchering in the refrigerator, wrapped into the purchasing paper and stored in the coldest compartment. They can be conserved until 14 days if vacuum-packed or in controlled atmosphere. There are different regional recipes to prepare the IGP Volailles de Licques. The turkeys, in particular, are used for the traditional dishes of Christmas and New Year feasts and areprepared in line with elaborated local recipes, with very long roasting and richly seasoned stuffing.

Reference: The European Commission

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