Leche certificada de Granja

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Leche certificada de Granja

ETG Leche certificada de Granja is Spanish 'Certified Farm Milk'. It is:

- Milk from farms with health and hygene guaranteed and bottled on the farm.

- The dairy cattle subject to official control.

- Milk, fat and microbiological quality are controlled.

- The farms must have special areas for milking, nursing, laboratory, local filtering, sanitation, refrigeration, packing and sealing, cold room and cattle exercise.

The milk can be pasteurised or unpasteurised:

- Certified fresh unpasteurised milk: after milking the product is subjected to filtration, refrigeration (4 ° C), packaging and storage and maintenance (always 4 º C).

- Certified fresh milk (pasteurised), after milking is subjected to filtration, refrigeration and isothermal storage tank (6 º C), pasteurisation (not less than 15 "to 72 º C), homogenisation, cooling (6 ° C), automatic packaging, storage and preservation (6 º C).

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