Volailles du Gers (Gers poultry)

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Volailles du Gers

Description : Poultry with firm flesh and fine skin, of superior taste and bacteriological quality

Geographical area : Poultry raised in the Département of Gers (France) and adjacent districts. It has a historical reputation, linked to the traditional existence of poultry-breeding on the region's mixed farms. The Gris du Gers chicken had a very high reputation. The production of commercial poultry was revived in the seventies. Gers poultry enjoys a fine reputation in local cuisine, and it is among the most famous in France (second place).

Characteristics: the use, down to the present day of Gris du Gers stock for chicken-breeding and feeding of all poultry on a diet based mainly on cereals grown primarily in the Département of Gers

Reference: The European Commission