Rodos Ρόδος (Rhodes olive oil)

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Rodos Ρόδος

PGE/ΠΓΕ Rodos Ρόδος is a virgin olive oil produced from the olive varieties "Koroneiki" and "Throumbolia", in which the disease dakos is treated using baited sprays from the ground, using biological methods, or is left untreated.

Geographical area: The administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of Dodekanisos.

Evidence: The product is produced exclusively from olives of the defined geographical area, in which the olives are also processed.

Method of production: Crushing of pure olives, which are processed using traditional or centrifugal olive presses, which ensure the best processing conditions.

Link: It is produced from a traditionally grown variety in the area, using traditional processing methods within the limits of the geographical area.

Gastronomy The virgin olive oil is an easily perishable food that needs correct preservation in order to maintain its organoleptic characteristics intact. It is thus advisable to keep it in a cool place and away from light, at a temperature between 14°C and 18°C, away from heat sources and from products that give off particular smells. It is recommendable to consume it within four to six months after the pressing, to enjoy it in the period of highest expression of its taste. The virgin olive oil PGE/ΠΓΕ Rodos Ρόδος is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

Reference: The European Commission