Throumpa Chiou Θρούμπα Χίου (Chios olives)

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Throumpa Chiou Θρούμπα Χίου

POP/ΠΟΠ Throumpa Chiou Θρούμπα Χίου is a table olive of the Throumba variety for which olive beetle control is achieved, where necessary, by bait-spraying from the ground and biological methods.

Geographical area: The administrative boundaries of the Chios, Omiroupolis, Kardamylon, Anemona, loania and Mistihoxoria municipalities and of the Ag. Georgiou, Ag. Gaiatos, Amadon, Vessas, Vikiou, Volissou, Dievhon, Elatas, Thymianon, Kambion, Keramou, Kourounion, Langada, Leptopodon, Lithiou, Melanious, Meston, Nenitourion, Neohori, Olymbon, Parparía, Piramas, Pispiloïndas, Pitious, Potamia, Pyrgiou, Sidiroundas, Spartoundas, Sykiada, Trypon, Fyton and Halandron communes in Greece

Evidence: The product is cropped exclusively from olive trees within the defined geographical area.

Method of production: The olives are gathered every 3-5 days nets from placed on the ground to collect them as they reach full ripeness and fall naturally.

Link: The olives are produced from a variety traditionally cultivated in the area and via the application of traditional treatment methods within the defined geographical area.

Gastronomy: The table olive POP/ΠΟΠ Throumpa Chiou Θρούμπα Χίου can be kept for long periods if maintained closed in its container. Once opened, it should be consumed within a few days, and kept at a cool temperature and away from direct light. It is served with aperitifs, in salads and in many other gastronomic preparations.

Reference: The European Commission