Volailles du plateau de Langres (Langres poultry)

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Volailles du plateau de Langres

IGP Volailles du plateau de Langres are poultry (chickens) carcasses or cut pieces with firm flesh, fine skin and superior organoleptic characteristics, slaughtered at an age close to sexual maturity. Marketed fresh or frozen as Class A produce, whole (oven-ready or with giblets) or in sections.

Geographical area: Specific districts of the départements of Haute Mame and Côte d'Or

Evidence of origin: All of the links in the network are listed (hatcheries, food producers, breeders, slaughterhouses). Documentary records are kept for every batch of poultry: declaration by the breeder of birds added to his stock, delivery slips for day-old chicks, declaration of departure for the slaughterhouse and receipts for collection of carcases from the slaughterhouse, declaration of the labels used for the poultry after slaughter and declaration of downgraded poultry. The labels are all numbered. Checks on the consistency of the above information mean that the origin of the product can always be traced.

Acquisition: Pure and crossbred slow-growing stock. Reared in the open air. Cereal-based feed and minimum age set for the slaughter of each type of poultry. Carcasses graded at the abattoir.

Link: The link with the geographical origin of the product derives from the following factors:

Historical reputation: Bibliographical evidence testifies to the important place of poultry in the local cuisine of bygone eras.

Present reputation: The award of the Red Label was proof of the superior quality of the products. Their reputation has developed locally around the activity of an abattoir.

Reference: The European Commission

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