Lausitzer Leinöl (Lausitz linseed oil)

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Lausitzer Leinöl

G.g.A. Lausitzer Leinöl is a natural and pure oil with a nutty flavour freshly pressed from linseed with a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids with no additives

Geographical area Area and federal borders of Germany: Lower and Upper Lausitz, bordered in the north by the Lower Spree Forst, in the north west by Fläming, in the west by the Schwarzelstertiefland, in the east by the federal border with Poland, in the south west by the Eibsandsteingebirge, in the south by the Zittauer mountains and the federal border with the Czech Republic Traffic and "Land" borders: in the north Frankfurt/Oder by motorway A12/A10/A2 to Brandenburg, in the west by the route of the Bundestrasse 102 from Brandenburg to Jüterbog, Bundesstrasse 101 to Grossenhain, in the south west by the route of Bundestrasse 98 to Laussnitz, from Laussnitz Bundestrasse 97 to Dresden, from Dresden Bundestrasse 172 to the Czech border, in the south by federal border Schmilka along the border to the Czech Republic to Zittau, in the east from Zittau along the federal border to Poland to Frankfurt.

Proof of origin The development of Lausitzer Leinöl is closely linked to Lausitz. Oil has been pressed from linseed in Lausitz since as long as the 18th century. Lausitzer Leinöl is traditionally natural and has no additives of any kind.

Method of production Lausitzer Leinöl is produced in Lausitz in the following stages;




-gentle pressing on worm presses

-cleaning of resulting crude oil with delayed polishing

Resultant bye-products such as oil from the last pressing and linseed cake expeller are separated and processed.

Link to geographical area Lausitzer Leinöl is produced in Lausitz according to a traditional process which originated in Lausitz. The characteristic flavour of "Lausitzer Leinöl" is produced by this traditional method which retains most of the valuable ingredients of linseed. The consumer has long been familiar with Lausitzer Leinöl, its quality and geographical origin.

Gastronomy The G.g.A. Lausitzer Leinöl has a rather short preservation period and should be used within a month of its opening. To protect it from light and heat, it should be kept in bottles placed in a cool place, away from light, making sure to keep it in the refrigerator once opened. The G.g.A. Lausitzer Leinöl is used as raw seasoning on cheese of sheeps' milk and sprout salads, and in addition as basic ingredient in the preparation of various dishes, such as ricotta pie, onion pie, and obviously, roast potatoes.

Reference: The European Commission

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