Turrón de Alicante (Alicante nougat)

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Turrón de Alicante

IGP Turrón de Alicante is a Spanish nougat consisting of a mix of almonds, pure honey, sugars, egg white and wafer in specified proportions. Classed as "Supreme" and "Extra".

Geographical area : The municipality of Jijona in Alicante province; raw materials may come from Alicante, Castellón and Valencia.

Evidence of origin : The processing factories, duly registered with the Regulating Body, manufacture and package the nougat in set conditions, under Regulating Body control.

Acquisition : A mixture of sugar and honey is cooked at high temperature in the mixer for at least 45 minutes until the desired point is reached. Diluted egg white and roasted almonds are then added and the mass is stirred until they are evenly distributed. While still warm, the mass is weighed, formed into shape and covered with wafer, then cut into bars for packaging.

Link : The abundant almond crop and the abundance of honey in the area have given rise to the manufacture of foodstuffs which use these two products as raw materials.

Gastronomy : IGP Turrón de Alicante is not only eaten at Christmas but it is also used in other special dishes. It can be used in fish dishes (salmon), or used as the main ingredient in biscuits, cakes and desserts in general.

Reference: The European Commission

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