Kerassia Tragana Rodochoriou Κεράσια τραγανά Ροδοχωρίου (Rodhohori cherry)

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Kerassia Tragana Rodochoriou Κεράσια τραγανά Ροδοχωρίου

POP/ΠΟΠ Kerassia Tragana Rodochoriou Κεράσια τραγανά Ροδοχωρίου is the product of the Tragana Edhessa variety of cherry which is a cross of the Napoleon variety. In size it is medium to large. The quality is excellent. It is strongly red in colour, juicy with a good taste and firm texture. It keeps well and has good storage potential.

Geographical area: The defined cultivation zone in the commune of Rodhohori in Greece.

Evidence : The product originates exclusively from the edhessa firm variety grown in the stated geographical area. Packing, grading and preserving are carried out in the growing area which is also the marketing base. The cherry has been grown in the area since the early 1950s, and the favourable effects of the local micro-climate together with the expertise and experience of the growers have produced a fruit with distinctive characteristics.

Method of production: The ground beneath the trees is left untilled, with only cutting of the grass. Irrigation is by sprayer. Pruning is carried out after harvesting or in late spring. Pest and disease control is effected in accordance with the notices issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, and through the use of benign plant chemicals. The fruit is harvested by hand in stages from the middle of June to the end of July. Grading, packing are carried out at the cooperative's modern installations where the fruit is then placed in storage.

Link: The product is grown in the defined geographical area using traditional cultivation techniques under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture's local advisers.

Gastronomy : The POP/ΠΟΠ Kerassia Tragana Rodochoriou Κεράσια τραγανά Ροδοχωρίου should be kept in a cool place and, if it is not consumed right away, it can be placed for a few days in the less cool part of the refrigerator. It is consumed fresh, plain or as ingredient in fruit salad.

Reference: The European Commission