Agneau du Quercy (Quercy lamb)

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Agneau du Quercy

IGP Agneau du Quercy is a lamb carcass slaughtered between 90 and 180 days

Geographical area: Department of Lot and adjoining cantons (excluding Cantal) plus Sarlat in the Dordogne comprising the natural region of Quercy in France

Evidence: Evidence comprises the identification of individual lambs by means of a tag recorded in stock-raising documents and certificates of delivery to a slaughter-house. Each carcase leaving a slaughter-house is accompanied by a certificate of origin.

Production method: Farm rearing and fed on mother's milk for at least 70 days. Local breed: Caussenade du Lot

Link: The link with the geographical origin is based on:

(i) a specific feature: raising on the dry and arid area of the Causses du Quercy, using one well-adapted local breed, Caussenade du Lot

(ii) the reputation of Quercy lamb in Paris and south-west France

Background: This is the area from which the Caussenade du Lot breed originates

Reference: The European Commission