Geraardsbergse Mattentaart

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Geraardsbergse Mattentaart

Geraardsbergse Mattentaart is small, round, curd cheese pie from Belgium. It has IGP/BGA protection from the EU. It has a diameter of 8 to 10 cm and consists of flaky pastry, filled with curd paste, and a brown top capped with a dark brown top crust. It is produced in the town Geraardsbergen, and the municipality of Lierde.

Geraardsbergse Mattentaart boasts centuries of history and tradition, drawing on the reliable quality compliance requirements. Moreover, the fame and awareness of the Geraardsbergse Mattentaart clearly, this shows as in 1985 the Belgian Post Office issued a stamp in which a mattentaart is depicted with the words "Brotherhood of the Geraardsbergse Mattentaart". It was the first regional product to adorn a postage stamp. Also, in 2001, the "Guinness World Records Book" awarded a certificate to the Brotherhood of the Geraardsbergse Mattentaart for the creation of the largest ever manufactured mattentaart.

The curd is made with 8 litres of whole milk to which 3 litres of buttermilk are added. The curds are drained in muslin and hung to dry. The dried curds are finely ground, for example through a meat grinder or a strainer. Egg whites are beaten with caster sugar, the yolks are added to the curds, and then the two mixtures are lightly folded in with each other.

Deep, round basins are lined with puff pastry, the mixture added and then covered with a pastry lid, which is brushed with beaten egg. Two cross-wise slits are cut into the lid to allow the steam to escape and the pie is baked for 35 minutes at 220°C

Reference: The European Commission

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