Throumpa Thassou Θρούμπα Θάσου (Thassos olives)

Throumpa Thassou Θρούμπα Θάσου

POP/ΠΟΠ Throumpa Thassou Θρούμπα Θάσου is table olive of the Throumba variety for which olive beetle control is achieved, where necessary, by bait-spraying from the ground and biological methods.

Geographical area: All of the island of Thasos.

Evidence: The product is cropped exclusively from olive trees within the defined geographical area and also processed within the area.

Method of production: The olives are harvested by hand when fully ripe or overripe. Owing to the presence of the fungus Phoma oleae the Throumba variety loses its bitterness Of taste by a hydrolytic reaction. After cropping the fruit is washed and graded by size, coarse salt is added in a proportion of 30-40% and it is placed in tanks. In 30-40 days it is ready for consumption after exposure to the air to improve its colour by oxidation.

Link: The olives are produced from a variety traditionally cultivated in the area and via the application of traditional treatment methods within the defined geographical area.

Gastronomy: The table olive POP/ΠΟΠ Throumpa Thassou Θρούμπα Θάσου can be kept for long periods if maintained closed in its container. Once opened, it should be consumed within a few days, making sure to keep the olives immersed in the packaging liquid, at a cool temperature and away from direct light. It is served with aperitifs, in salads and in many other gastronomic preparations.

Reference: The European Commission

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