Sobrasada de Mallorca (Mallorca sausage)

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Sobrasada de Mallorca

IGP Sobrasada de Mallorca is an uncooked, cured sausage from Spain with an irregular cylindrical shape; paste soft, not pliant, sticky, compacted, greasy, not very fibrous, with marbled red appearance; skin dark red, smooth or slightly rough, without mould or with whitish mould.

Geographical area: The processing area covers the whole island of Majorca.

Evidence: Processing and curing are carried out in registered factories under Regulating Body control; the product goes on the market certified and guaranteed by the Regulating Body.

Method of production: In processing, the meat is minced into pieces less than 6 mm in diameter; pepper, salt and spices are added; the mass is well mixed and encased in intestines; finally it is cured in drying rooms.

Link: The Majorcan climate, with its high humidity and small temperature range, and the local sausage-making tradition combine to make a product with its own character, which has traditionally set it apart and been recognised by the consumer. This is shown by the fact that Majorca produces over 50% of the Spanish total of this kind of sausage, and at a price 100-500% higher than that of sausage from elsewhere in the country.

Gastronomy: IGP Sobrasada de Mallorca should be kept in a dry, fresh, well-ventilated area. In the summer months it should be kept in the fridge, before consumption, it is recommended that the product be left at room temperature for at least an hour. Traditionally IGP Sobrasada de Mallorca is eaten, simply spread on bread. It is also used as a key ingredient in various meat, vegetable and fish dishes. It can be used for risotto with spinach and mushrooms, quail and honey, or with apples in the oven. It is also used for sauces or to flavour bread. It is usually eaten with full-bodied red wine.

Reference: The European Commission

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