Uva de mesa embolsada “Vinalopó”

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Uva de mesa embolsada “Vinalopó”

Description: The Uva de mesa embolsada “Vinalopó” is a DOP Spanish grape which comes exclusively into the "Extra" and " 1st Class" categories of Regulation (EEC) 1730/87. The varieties are Aledo, Italia and Rosetti, all white.

Geographical area: The middle valley of the river Vinalopó in west central Alicante province, including the municipalities of Agost, Aspe, Hondón de las Nieves, Monforte del Cid, Novelda and La Romana.

Evidence: Only vineyards located in the production area and registered with the Regulating Body may produce grapes to be protected by the D.O. Production and marketing certificates, inspections carried out by the Regulating Body.

Method of production: Espalier- or arbour-trained vines, the pruning and cultivation of which are regulated. The appropriate varieties are Aledo, Italia and Rosetti. After ripening, the bunches of grapes are covered with bags made of cellulose film which remain in place until harvesting.

Link:The practice of bagging grapes dates from 1919. The climate is Mediterranean with a mean temperature of roughly 16C, plenty of sunshine and less than 300 mm rainfall. Limy soils deriving from Miocene marls and sandstones.

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