Mantequilla de Soria (Soria butter)

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Mantequilla de Soria

Mantequilla de Soria

This is Spain’s famous sweet butter, although it is also available unsweetened. It has DOP status and is produced in the Valle de Soria in Castilla-León. The geographic area has an altitude and a pastures composition of characteristic flora, which contributes to the peculiarity of the milk which is then turned into butter.

It is made with the milk of the brown Friesian breed and cross Alpines coming from dairy farms within the production area. The DOP protects the three varieties of butter, which are natural, fresh and salted.

The first two are achieved after a process of skimming and pasteurisation. Having reached the desired acidity and cooled, it is beaten, the serum is removed and kneaded slowly to achieve the final texture required for the product. The butter is sweet due to syrup being mixed in with it.

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