Pollo y Capón del Prat (El Prat chicken and capon)

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Pollo y Capón del Prat

IGP Pollo y Capón del Prat are Spanish chickens and capons distinguished by their blue feet, pearly skin, broad breast, and fine, sweet meat, without excessive fat.

Geographical area: The municipalities of Castelldefelds, Cornelia de Llobregat, El Prat de Llobregat, Gavá, Sant Boi de Llobregat, Sant Climent de Llobregat, Sant Feliu de Llobregat,Viladecans and Santa Coloma de Cervellón.

Evidence: The protected meat is obtained from chickens from the Prat Breeders Association incubation room, originating from chicken farms registered with the Regulating Body, controlled and guaranteed by the Regulating Body. Slaughter, cutting up and packaging are carried out under Regulating Body control; the product goes on the market certified and guaranteed by the Regulating Body.

Method of production: The chickens and capons belong to the Prat breed and are slaughtered at the earliest when they are 77 and 182 days old respectively. Slaughterhouses are within a radius of less than 75 km from the poultry farms. Water jets and scald temperatures are monitored in the slaughterhouses, and the cold chain is continuous and maintained throughout at temperatures of between 0° and 4°C. The sell-by date is seven days after slaughter.

Link: The chickens are of the Prat breed, native to the Baix Llobregat Community; it is one of the most typical and highly valued breeds of fowl for its qualities as a producer of large (60g) pinkish eggs, and especially for its fine, sweet meat.

Gastronomy: The meats of the IGP Pollo y Capón del Prat can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, wrapped in a protective film and placed in the coldest compartment. The great versatility of chicken makes it very good when roasted, grilled or spit roasted, oven roasted or pan seared. It can be combined with infinite types of vegetables, mushrooms, spices, apples and cider.

Reference: The European Commission