Pommes et poires de Savoie (Savoy apples and pears)

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Pommes et poires de Savoie

IGP Pommes et poires de Savoie are apples and pears from Savoie with specific characteristics resulting from altitude and climatic variations. Superior organoleptic qualities.

Geographical area: Savoie and Haute-Savoie and municipalities of Seyssel, Flaxieu, Corbonod, Vongnes and Ceyzerieu in Ain.

Evidence: Orchards, growers and storage areas are registered. Batches of apples and pears are identified from picking to marketing. Stock records of apples and pears are kept.

Production method: Appropriate conditions to ensure typical character of fruit from Savoie: choice of soils, varieties, grass orchards, methods of cultivation adapted to mountainous areas, selection of best date for picking. Identification of fruits.

Link: The link with geographical origin is based on:

(i) qualities resulting from production in mountainous climatic conditions (taste, long life)

(ii) reputation for quality built up since the end of the 19th century.

Reference: The European Commission

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