Carne de Morucha de Salamanca (Salamanca Morucha beef and veal)

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Carne de Morucha de Salamanca

IGP Carne de Morucha de Salamanca is:

1. Veal: Meat of firm consistency, slightly moist and fine grained, between bright pink and pale red in colour.

2. Yearling beef: Meat bright red in colour, with white fat, consistency firm to the touch, slightly moist, and fine grained.

3. Young beef: Meat cherry-red, with cream-coloured fat, consistency firm to the touch, slightly moist, fine grained with a moderate amount of intramuscular fat.

Geographical area: The production area comprises Salamanca province of Spain.

Evidence: Protected meat is obtained from farms registered with the Regulating Body and situated in the production area; meat production and slaughter are carried out under Regulating Body control; the product goes on the market certified and guaranteed by the Regulating Body.

Method of production: The product is obtained from the slaughter of Morucha cattle: Veal: maximum age 12 months; Yearling beef: aged between 12 and 18 months; Young beef: aged between 18 and 36 months.

Link: The holm-oak woodlands of Salamanca province are the natural habitat of the Morucha, with cold, dry winters and short, hot summers; the animals range free and feed extensively.

Gastronomy: The fresh IGP Carne de Morucha de Salamanca can be stored in the refrigerator for a period of two days, wrapped in transparent film in the coolest compartment. The ample versatility of this meat makes it excellent for cooking on the grill, spit roasted, in the oven or pan seared but also as filling for other types of dishes. It is also excellent stewed or boiled. Thanks to its special characteristics, it is particularly good cooked in breadcrumbs and fried. It can be accompanied by a large variety of products like potatoes, vegetables and mushrooms. Perfect with red wine.

Reference: The European Commission