Avgotaracho Messolongiou Αυγοτάραχο Μεσολογγίου (Messolongi fish roes)

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Avgotaracho Messolongiou Αυγοτάραχο Μεσολογγίου

POP/ΠΟΠ Avgotaracho Messolongiou Αυγοτάραχο Μεσολογγίου are the whole roes of the mugil cephalus species, salted and encased in natural wax.

Geographical area: Greece: the fish hatcheries of the enclosed sea lake areas of Messolongi-Etolikos, Kleisova and Bouka lying between the estuaries of the Aheloos and Evinos rivers. The fish hatcheries lie within the administrative boundaries of the Messolongi and Etolikos municipalities and the Neohori commune in Messolongi province and the Etoloakarnania prefecture.

Evidence: The product is made only from the roes of mullet caught in the defined zone. Processing is carried out locally.

Method of production: The roes are washed, salted, dried and enclosed in natural wax.

Link: The production of this product from the roes of sea lake mullet has a long history in the area. There are travellers references going back as far as 1668.

Gastronomy: The roes can be kept for many months, but only after the eggs have been salted and covered with wax. It can be enjoyed cut and served with lemon juice and a brushing of parsley, as an exclusive appetiser coupled with Champagne.

Reference: The European Commission

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