Cerezas de la Montaña de Alicante

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Cerezas de la Montaña de Alicante

Cerezas de la Montaña de Alicante are Spanish IGP cherries.


Cherries of varieties "Burlat", "Tilagua", "Planera", "Nadal" and "Picota" as principal varieties, and "Stark Hardy Geant", "Bing" and "Van" as pollinators, classed as Extra Normal (size over 21 mm) and Extra Vails (over 25 mm).

Geographical area:

24 municipalities in northern Alicante province and two in southern Valencia province.


Trees of authorised varieties, as included in the Regulating Body's Register of Orchards, produce fruit which is selected and classified under the control of the Regulating Body,which certifies the origin of the product by means of the libel and designation label.

Method of production:

Cherries from trees growing in the production area; whole, healthy, clean fruit with characteristic colour, aroma and flavour. Selected, classified and packaged at origin under conditions set by the Regulating Body.


With the terrain rising to above 900 m in the Sierras de Almudaina, Alfaro and La Carrasca, this area has the most continental microclimate of the province with the lowest temperatures. The valleys inland are well-suited to the cultivation of cherries, an activity which was already traditional in the eighteenth century according to A. J. Cabanilles.

Reference: The European Commission

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