Volailles du Velay (Velay poultry)

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Volailles du Velay

IGP Volailles du Velay refers to poultry carcasses with firm flesh and superior organoleptic qualities, slaughtered at an age close to sexual maturity, marketed fresh or frozen, whole (oven-ready or with giblets) or in sections (except for festive poultry). This product covers chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, capons and poulardes from slow growing strains, raised within the geographical area of the appellation.

Geographical area : Departement of Haute-Loire and the adjacent districts of Viverols and Arlane.

Evidence of origin : All of the links in the network are listed (hatcheries, food producers, breeders, abattoirs). Documentary records are kept for every batch of poultry : declaration by the breeder of birds added to his stock, delivery slips for day-old chicks, declaration of departure for the abattoir and receipts for collection of carcasses from the abattoir, declaration of the labels used for the poultry after slaughter and declaration of downgraded poultry. The labels are all numbered. Checks on the consistency of the above information mean that the origin of the product can always be traced.

Acquisition : Pure and crossbred slow-growing stock; poultry reared on farms in the open air or free-range; cereal-based feed, and minimum age for slaughter of each type. They are reared at a density of 11 chickens per square metre, 13 guinea fowl per square metre and 6.25 turkeys, capons and poulardes per square metre. The birds should have access to outdoor runs no later than week 6 of their life for the chickens, capons and poulardes, week 7 for the turkeys and week 6 or 8 for the guinea fowl.

Link : Historical reputation, linked to the existence of poultry-breeding over the past few centuries in the region's farms. Poultry-rearing was mainly carried out by women, and the produce was sold at local poultry markets, including the famous Plot au Puy en Velay. Present reputation: The award of the Red Label testified to the superior quality of the products. Velay poultry enjoys a good reputation in the Upper Loire and in present-day gastronomy throughout the region.

Reference: The European Commission

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