Agneau de l'Aveyron (Aveyron lamb)

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Agneau de l'Aveyron

IGP Agneau de l'Aveyron is French lamb of an average weight of 17 kg. The lamb is slaughtered when young and the meat is rose-pink, tender and tasty.

Geographical area : Department of Aveyron and adjacent cantons.

Evidence of origin : The lambs are identified by a ring (tip-tag) bearing an individual number. This number is carried over onto the carcase and the certificate of origin attached to the carcase. This provides evidence for the origin of the product.

Acquisition :

- rearing in a sheep-fold

- fed with milk from its dam for at least 70 days

- local hardy breed: Lacaune

Link : The link with geographical origin is based on

(1) taste-associated organoleptic quality linked to the management of rearing in a sheep-fold, which is traditional and typical of the geographical area

(2) A reputation for quality on the part of Aveyron lamb which has developed as a result of the existence in the region of the Roquefort dairy industry and the established presence in the area of the Lacaune breed. The region is the birthplace of this breed.

Reference: The European Commission

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