Ameixa d'Elvas (Elvas plums)

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Ameixa d'Elvas

DOP Ameixa d'Elvas is a Portuguese plum of the crop Prunus domestica, of the variety "Rainha Cláudia Verde".

Geographical area: DOP Ameixa d'Elvas is grown in the municipal areas of Alandroal, Borba, Campo Maior, Elvas, Estremoz, Monforte, Sousel and Vila Viçosa in the districts of Évora and Portalegre.

Evidence: Established through use, particularly due to the habit the Duke of Wellington had of demanding Elvas plums at his banquets and to the presence of this product internationally since the beginning of the century.

Method of production: Even though there are many small, family run growers of these plums most modern orchards are run on an industrial scale. The climate and soil of this region are very suited to the growing of this type of plum tree. The high temperatures recorded particularly at ripening time result in very sweet fruit. These plums are either sold fresh (Ameixa Fresca), dried (Ameixa em Passa) or bottled in syrup.

Link: The edaphological-climatic conditions of this region in the north of Alentejo give special characteristics to this variety of Prunus domestica which make it known and famed in any of its forms of presentation.

Gastronomy: DOP Ameixa d'Elvas should be kept in a cool, airy place or in the fridge. It is eaten as a snack or dessert, or used in its dried form as an ingredient in cakes and pastries.

Reference: The European Commission

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