Agneau du Bourbonnais (Bourbonnais lamb)

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Agneau du Bourbonnais

IGP Agneau du Bourbonnais is the carcass and portions of carcass of French slaughter lambs with a fairly light red meat and white, firm fat.

Geographical area : Department of Allier and adjacent cantons in the Departments of Creuse, Saône et Loire, Cher and Nièvre.

Evidence of origin : Evidence of origin is based on an identification of the animals contained in stockrearing documents and in documents relating to consignment to the slaughterhouse.

Acquisition : The lambs are preferably raised at foot without having undergone weaning. Feeding is based on natural fodder, mainly meadow grass. The duration of rearing is 90 to 210 days.

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(1) A characteristic: outdoor rearing in natural grassland meadows. The lambs are fed with their dams' milk, 'at foot' and browse grass when very young.

(2) A reputation enjoyed by the product on account of its organoleptic qualities and this is particularly high among local restaurants.

Background : The sheep was reared for its wool in the 18th century. Rearing has gradually orientated towards the production of slaughter lambs.

Reference: The European Commission

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