Bergamote(s) de Nancy (Nancy bergamot)

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Bergamote(s) de Nancy

IGP Bergamote(s) de Nancy is made in a large area in the northeastern corner of France, northwest of the city of Mulhouse and southeast of the city of Reims.

This product is a hard sweet made only with sugar and natural essence derived from bergamot plants grown in the Italian region of Calabria. The sugar is heated over an open flame and once it has cooked, the essence is added to it. The mixture is left to cool down and it is then cut by hand or mechanically.

IGP Bergamote(s) de Nancy dates back to 1857, when the confectioner Jean-Frédéric Godefroy Lillich developed the recipe with the help of his perfumer friend. This product is the only French sweet that has been awarded IGP status.

Reference: Eat Globe

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