Vlaams - Brabantse Tafeldruif (Brabant table grapes)

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Vlaams - Brabantse Tafeldruif

Vlaams - Brabantse Tafeldruif

Vlaams - Brabantse Tafeldruif are table grapes with BOB protection, produced in Belgium of the varieties Baidor, Canon Hall, Frankenthal “De Coster”, Muscat d’Alexandrie, Gros Colman, Leopold III, Ribier and Royal. The production area is in the "Grapes Region" located south-east of Brussels, on the southern edge of the Soignes. These hilly region is characterised by many southern facing slopes with the main slope of the municipalities through IJsevallei Hoeilaart, Overijse and Huldenberg. The production area is limited to the municipalities of Overijse, Hoeilaart, and Huldenberg Tervuren.

The grapes are grown in heated greenhouses. Almost all the work is done manually - winter pruning, tillage, fertilisation, removal of shoots, protection against to strong sunlight, biological control of any diseases, and mist watering, maintenance of the greenhouses, etc. This traditional method of cultivation obtains a high quality product, which is unmatched.

Reference: The European Commission

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