Cabrito das Terras Altas do Minho (Minho highlands kid)

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Cabrito das Terras Altas do Minho

IGP Cabrito das Terras Altas do Minho are kid carcasses or pieces thereof. The carcasses include the head, liver, lungs and kidneys.

Geographical area: The whole district of Viana do Castelo and part of the Braga, Villa Real and Porto districts of Portugal.

Evidence: Established through use, particularly due to work started several years ago on selective breeding and improvement of the breed.

Method of production: From animals of the Bravia and Serrana Breeds, or from cross-breeding between these breeds, entered in the Register of Births.

Link: The farming of these breeds is carried out in the mountain region where there are large areas of natural grassland and mountain woods, giving the meat from the animals distinctive characteristics.

Gastronomy: IGP Cabrito das Terras Altas do Minho must be stored at a temperature of 7°C, or between -18°C and -20°C if it is frozen. Once bought the meat can only be kept a few days in the fridge. This meat is particularly enjoyed roast in a wood oven. It is a key ingredient in many traditional dishes such as arroz de serrabulho com miúdos de cabrito, cabrito con arroz de forno à Marco de Canaveses and also the excellent cabrito montês cozinhado à moda de Gerês.

Reference: The European Commission