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Carrot cake (TM) another recipe chosen from our Thermomix recipe collection, scroll down for many more!
The new (2014) Thermomix TM5
Thermomix TM31

In this category you will find recipes for preparing in a Thermomix. Where possible, the conventional cooking method is also given. Note that as the Thermomix does all your weighing, liquid quantitues are given in grams and kilograms.

About the Thermomix

The Thermomix is not widely seen in UK households, but in Spain, Italy and Australia it is extremely popular. You only need to look at a Spanish recipe website to see that instructions are often given for the Thermomix as well as the conventional cooking method. I have seen the Thermomix described as the 'complete kitchen in one' and is ideal if you have a small kitchen or for students.

So what exactly is a Thermomix? It is a super fast food blender and processor that also weighs, cooks, simmers and steams. It has just one bowl and a blade which:

See Thermomix UK for further information and details of where you can go to see a demonstration of it in action.

Popular with professional chefs, the Thermomix, in the long term, will save you money on both food and fuel. However, it is not cheap at around ÂŁ925 (1,015 Euros)- October 2014 - , so just be nice to your loved ones and see if they will club together to get you one for your birthday or Christmas. As the TM5 only came out in September 2014, you may be able to obtain a second hand TM31 as some people will be selling theirs if they upgrade. Some though, including yours truly, will be hanging on to their TM31 as it is still a great machine.

Thermomix tips and hints

For some basic tips on using your machine, please visit our Thermomix basics page.

(TM) suffix in recipe names

The (TM) suffix in recipes within this section is to differentiate between Thermomix recipes (TM) and a non-Thermomix recipe that may exist with the same name. Eg: Everyday white loaf & Everyday white loaf (TM).

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