This recipe requires preparation in advance!

Literally 'meringued milk' this Spanish drink is frozen first and then broken down again the in Thermomix.

Leche merengada (TM)
The new Thermomix TM5 (2014)
Servings:Serves 6
Calories per serving:110
Ready in:2 hours 5 minutes
Prep. time:2 hours 5 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:31st August 2012

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  1. Tip the sugar into the bowl and pulverise at Speed 5-10 progressively.
  2. Add the lemon rind and pulverise again at the same speed.
  3. Add the milk and the egg white.
  4. Beat for a few seconds / Speed 4.
  5. Pour the contents of the bowl into a container and freeze.
  6. When you want to serve, tip the frozen mixture into the bowl, remove the MC, and put the spatula through the hole in the lid Speed 5-10 progressively.
  7. Pour into glasses and sprinkle some ground cinnamon over it.

Recipe source

  • This is a translation of a recipe in Thermomix TM31 - Imprescindible para tu cocina which is the book supplied with Spanish TMXs.

Chef's notes

The sugar quantity is to suit Spanish tastes and may well be too sweet for people in the English speaking world, so I would suggest starting off with about 60-70g.

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