Pollo al ajillo (TM)

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Pollo al ajillo (TM)
Pollo al ajillo (TM)
The new Thermomix TM5 (2014)
Servings:4 as a tapa or 2 as part of a light lunch
Calories per serving:441
Ready in:1 hour 5 minutes
Prep. time:10 minutes
Cook time:55 minutes
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:20th October 2012

This is a version of the Spanish 'Garlic Chicken' made in a Thermomix. This particular recipe has been translated and lightly adapted from a recipe by Sandoa and is licenced under CC BY-NC-SA.



  1. Put the oil in the jug to heat for 8 minutes / Temp Varoma / Speed 1.
  2. Meanwhile, peel half of the garlic and when the oil has heated add the garlic to the jug without stopping the machine and increase to Speed 5 for a few seconds until chopped.
  3. Reduce to Speed 1 and allow to sauté.
  4. Add the chicken and the remaining unpeeled garlic cloves (just cut them through the middle).
  5. Set to 10 Minutes / Temp Varoma / Reverse Blade / Speed Spoon.
  6. After this time, add the remaining ingredients and programme for 30 minutes, Temp. Varoma / Reverse Blade / Speed Spoon.
  7. Should it seem to dry out, add small quantities of water.
  8. Serve immediately drizzled with the sauce.


If desired, steam some vegetables in the Varoma for the last 15-20 minutes of the cooking time and serve with bread.

Chef's Notes

You can peel the garlic in the Thermomix before starting on the recipe. To find out how to do so, see here.

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