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Our mission

To be the premier collaborative cookery resource providing cooks with appealing tested and photographed recipes from around the world. In our encyclopaedic Wiki we endeavour to hold everything you need to know in order to successfully complete your chosen recipe.

Passion for cookery

Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about cooking. During the past 50 years, I have collected masses of recipes and cooking related scribblings. I had never been able to find a suitable repository for this information - until now: Cookipedia is born.


Cookipedia has no commercial affiliation. Its editors recommend suppliers and their products, hopefully because they have had good service from them in the past. If you have a different opinion, please express it - that way, truth will prevail.

Raison d'etre

Cookipedia runs on Wiki software, so it looks and feels and operates just like Wikipedia. Its goal is to be an accurate, collaborative cookery resource without being too academic. Personal opinion is definitely welcomed - as is humour.


Cookipedia is a collaborative cookery resource and its voluntary editors are as passionate as I am. Use the related comments pages to communicate with each other and allow Cookipedia to grow organically.

You can make a difference

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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is here, though it's just a personalised version of the basic installation. In short: we're just nice people who love to cook. We don't want your personal data and we certainly will never knowingly let anyone else have it.


Our disclaimer is here, and as stated above, it has simply been copied and personalised from the basic version. However, if you have any issues with Cookipedia, please do contact me personally.


See Cookipedia:Copyrights.

Found a problem with the site?

If you have found a problem with Cookipedia or have a suggestion, you can contact me using the Contact the Editor page.

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