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The Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper - it doesn't take up much space!
A Delia cheat

Manufacturer's Description

One of Kenwood most popular products and Delia's cheat gadget, the Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper combines compact design with ease of use for consistent professional results.

This handy sized unit is ideal for chopping meat and vegetables, creating purΓ©es, mayonnaise and pesto, and chopping herbs and making breadcrumbs.

It will chop onions without tears and if you have trouble peeling garlic, just pop the cloves in, give them a very quick spin, and the skin will be off. Baby food is simple to prepare, and it's easy-peasy to make some very tasty dips, prepared in just seconds. This really is a very versatile little helper.

The Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper has a dishwasher safe bowl and smooth design body both of which make cleaning simple. There are 2 speeds available and the bowl has a capacity of 350ml or 150g.

Box Contains

  1. 1 x Kenwood CH180 300 watt Mini Chopper
  2. 1 x Full product instructions
  3. 1 x Registration card
  4. 1 x Plug

My short review

The manufacturer claims that it peels garlic - well it does, sort of, but it leaves little bits of skin that you need to pick out and then the machine needs to be dismantled, cleaned and dried. (A whack with the flat part (the side) of a cleaver and then by using a sharp knife is quicker for me, and more fun.) The machine also reduced an onion to liquid when using it to chop - not particuarly desirable.

However, it is brilliant at grating cheese and reducing already peeled garlic to tiny pieces, as you would see in dried garlic granules. I imagine it would also be great at chopping root ginger too.

Broken after 5 uses

Well, it's exactly 2 weeks old and it has already broken. The plastic blade 'socket' has worn away so the motor whirrs and the blade does not turn. It has been used 5 times and then only to chop garlic and cheese (cut into 1.5 cm cubes first). I had read about this problem on Amazon reviews but trusted Delia's recommendation instead. Oh dear, not good, Kenwood - it seems to be very poorly made and not fit for its purpose at all.

However, now less cross and quite pleasantly surprised by Amazon's simple returns procedure.

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