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A Snetterton porker

Here you will find 200 amazing pork recipes; including roasts, stews, slow cooked pork recipes, spicy gammon, sausages, curries and even step by step details on how to cure and smoke bacon at home and how to cook a pigs head. Scroll down and start cooking!

Lean pork should be firm and pink with slight marbling. If you want good crackling, get your butcher to score the skin. Even the supermarket butchers will do this if you ask.

Score the crackling and baste while roasting, but never let the skin touch the boiling fat in the dripping tin, or it will fry, and be "as tough as leather". It will become "Cuir Boullie", that is boiled leather armour plate (which was specifically manufactured in olden days to withstand battle axes!); so keep your crackling well raised above the fat in the pan.

Ensure pork is properly cooked, raw pork can be very dangerous.

Pork tenderloin fillet is great for curries, kebabs and especially stir-fries. A step by step guide to preparing fillet of pork can be found here.

Gloucester Old Spot - the earliest pedigree pig

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