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Savoury nuts is another or our hot and spicy recipe ideas!

In this category you will find recipes that are hot and spicy - generally, but not always taken from the Chinese or Indian categories. Most of the bite from spicy foods come from the many forms of chili peppers although recipes with lots of black pepper can be equally as hot to taste. If you're not sure how much chili to add, always err on the cautious side because it's easy enough to add a bit more, it's not normally possible to reduce it afterwards. If you don't like your food too hot, just add the skins of the chillies after first having removed the seeds. If you have made a dish too hot, serve it with a yogurt as milk is without doubt, the best antidote to very hot food. Water will just make it worse.

My favourite curry sauce

After many years of making my own curry sauce, this version is my current favourite.

Where to buy?

Try our recommended Indian suppliers or spice suppliers for those hard to find items.


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