Homemade chorizo sausages and burgers

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This recipe needs advance preparation!

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Stunning work Julia


..and for anyone reading this now, Julia (aka Rosemary), is a vegetarian! - The Judge

Homemade chorizo sausages and burgers
Homemade chorizo sausages and burgers
Homemade Chorizo sausages
Servings:Servings: 32 - Makes 16 large sausages
Calories per serving:106
Ready in:1 hour
Prep. time:40 minutes
Cook time:20 minutes
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:20th January 2013

Our first attempt at making chorizo sausages. You can either make just sausages, just burgers or a mixture of the two


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In addition, if you are making burgers you will need

Mise en place

  • Sterlise all equipment, including worksurfaces.


  1. Using a medium disk, mince the pork - twice if making sausages or once if making burgers.
  2. Place in a bowl with the remaining ingredients and mix well with your hands.
  3. Ideally wear some sterilised latex gloves to do this.

For the sausages

  1. Stuff your casings - the sausages should be long-linked and slim, so do not overstuff.
  2. Store the sausages in the freezer for at least 24 hours to allow the flavours to blend.
  3. As and when you want to eat them, de-frost in the fridge and bake at 180° C (350° F - gas 4) for 20 minutes.

For the burgers

  1. Shape into burgers and dip each one into some beaten egg and then coat lightly with the flour.
  2. Leave to rest in the fridge for at least an hour.
  3. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan.
  4. When the burgers have rested, fry them in the pan on a low-medium heat until they are cooked through.

Serving suggestions

Serve the sausages hot for breakfast or cold a part of a tapa or snack. The burgers would go well with Molletes antequeranos and salad as a light lunch.


Vary the amount of garlic and Pimentó de La Vera. Use fennel seeds instead of cumin and experiment with different herbs.

Chef's notes

Ensure that they are properly cooked. The sausages can also be consumed cold. We used locally produced Gloucester Old Spot pork.

Although these are ready 1 1 hour, they need at least 24 hours to be at their best.

Follow the RSPCA Think Pig Checklist to make sure that your pork has come from pigs that have been reared to higher welfare standards.

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