Gluten Free sausage kebabs with quinoa salad (GF)

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Gluten Free sausage kebabs with quinoa salad (GF)
Gluten Free sausage kebabs with quinoa salad (GF)
Servings:Serves 4
Calories per serving:141
Ready in:1 hour
Prep. time:20 minutes
Cook time:40 minutes
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:17th October 2015

The following recipe is debbie&andrew's special recipe to celebrate being at the Cheshire County Show in 2105.

It is a gluten free recipe which is suitable for Coeliacs, but which everyone will find delicious. It just shows that sausages are for more than just sarnies!

This recipe also has an accompanying salad which is also gluten free


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for the salad

for the kebabs

Mise en place

  • Preheat your oven to 200° C (400° F - gas 6), [fan oven 180° C & reduce cooking time by 10 mins per hour]


  1. Tip the pepper, squash & courgettes into a baking tray. Smother with salt, olive oil and paprika. Roast for 20 minutes
  2. Take out of oven and tip onion, garlic and hazelnuts into a roasting dish. Toss and roast for 20 mins, then cool 4 - Prepare quinoa according to the pack instructions
  3. In a bowl, mix zest, juice and 100ml oil. Squeeze the roasted garlic pulp from skins into the bowl, mash well and fold in the mint and parsley. Pour over the veg, then toss with the quinoa and hazelnuts, season with salt and pepper. Set aside
  4. Thread the debbie&andrew's Caramelised red onion sausages onto 4 skewers with the cooked butternut squash cubes, pepper and onion. Fry in a non stick pan in a little olive oil over a high heat until skewers are lovely and golden

Serving suggestions

Serve the skewers over the quinoa salad and serve hot

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