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Almogrote is a delicious cheese paste that is a speciality of La Gomera in the Canary Islands. It is traditionally made with Queso de la Gomera, an unpasteurised goats’ cheese, which may be difficult to source outside of the Canaries. TuCanarias can supply Queso de la Gomera though the postage costs may be prohibitive.

The word "Almogrote" does not even appear in Spanish dictionaries, although it is probably derived from the word "almodrote": a sauce made from oil, garlic and other ingredients. Almogrote is always made using a mortar and pestle - a basic wooden mortar and pestle.

Servings:Serves 10 - Makes almost 1kg of cheese paste
Calories per serving:163
Ready in:30 minutes
Prep. time:30 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:2nd January 2013

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A lovely dip for crackers


Los! See my other attempt at this - there is a link in the recipe!

Paul R Smith


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  1. Chop the ingredients into small pieces
  2. Grind the pieces to a paste using a large wooden mortar and pestle.

Type of cheese to use

Originally, in a discussion with another editor, the oft-seen suggestion to use a 'hard' cheese for this recipe was possibly attributed to a (mis)-translation "Sometimes the Spanish word 'duro' which means 'hard' can also mean 'mature' in cheese terms", however the following quote was found:

Si hace falta martillo y escoplo para ello, el queso es el ideal, [If you need a hammer and chisel for it, the cheese is the ideal (one)].

So the plot thickens! If you can shed any further light on this quandary then please do add your thoughts to this, or the discussion page.

The non-authentic version

..and here's what happened when I tried to make the non-authentic version!

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