Chili oil recipe (quick)

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Chili oil recipe (quick)
Chili oil recipe (quick)
Home-made chili oil
Servings:60 ml (4 tablespoons) of chili oil
Calories per serving:0
Ready in:10 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:5 minutes
Recipe author:Chef
First published:3rd November 2012

This quick recipe for chili oil make a small amount for a single dish.

We have a slightly more elaborate version too.


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  1. Heat the oil and chili powder in a small pan until it foams
  2. Simmer for 3 minutes
  3. Allow to cool completely
  4. Strain the oil, discarding the sediment

Chef's note

I made a slightly more interesting version using a bottle of Morrisons Szechuan pepper oil (and some of the pepper 'sludge') instead of the groundnut oil. The Szechuan pepper gives a wonderful 'warmth' and the chillies, a 'hot' hit. Very good indeed - A big batch to be made next time!

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