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Tuna curry is another garlic recipe from what is probably our favourite recipe collection!

Below you will find a selection of our recipes that include garlic. The recipes which are included are those which either:

  • Contain the word garlic (in English or other language) in the title
  • Include largish quantities of garlic in the ingredients list - some of the recipes state garlic to taste, which is really an encouragement to use as huge a quantity as you like
  • Include raw garlic, which is more pungent than when it is cooked

Not included in the list are recipes which require small quantities of garlic to be cooked. Do not be put off by the amount of garlic in some of the recipes and if you are worried about garlic breath, just chew some parsley afterwards. Personally, I don't bother as I believe in the saying It's Chic to Reek. Give the recipes a try and let us know what you think by clicking on the discuss here link at the top of each recipe. Also, please feel free to add your own garlicky recipe. There is also a garlic group on Facebook.

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