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Procedure to add your own recipe

  • Type a unique name for your recipe into the search box and click Go
  • This will take you to the Search Results page with your recipe name as a red link. Click that link or the red create this page link.
  • You will then see a list of pre-built page templates.
  • Click the first link: An automatic recipe builder - most of Cookipedia's recipes have been created with this utility.
    • If you just want to practice and play with the recipe builder, only tick the first category: EXPERIMENTAL. This will add you recipe to an category on its own.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to fill the recipe form and create a new recipe.
  • If you are returning to an previously saved recipe, just repeat the above procedure on your next visit. You will be able to retrieve your recipe proving you use the same PC.
  • Categories: Your recipe will fall into one or more of the categories listed on the left of the recipe builder. Tick all of the categories that apply to your recipe.
  • When you have completed the recipe builder form, click CREATE RECIPE - this will complete the Cookipedia recipe page in Wiki-formatted text.
  • Check your edit by using the Show Preview button and once you are happy, save the recipe using the Save page button.
Recipe Builder - start menu

Retrieving a recipe previously created with The Recipe Builder

If you have created a recipe with the recipe builder and saved it by clicking the "save current progress" button, it can be retrieved by following the procedure below:

  • Login
  • In the search box, enter the page name of the recipe you previously started and saved.
  • In the recipe builder start menu, check the previously saved recipe (arrowed as shown)
  • Click proceed to return to the recipe builder to complete your recipe as described above.

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