Baba ghanoush with roasted red pepper

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Baba ghanoush with roasted red pepper
Baba ghanoush with roasted red pepper

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Servings:4 as a mezze
Calories per serving:355
Ready in:35 minutes
Prep. time:35 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:30th March 2014
Roasting the aubergines and red pepper on a barbecue

Baba Ghanoush or Baba-Ganouj, babaganus, patlican salatasi (Turkish), melitzanosalata (Greek), mutabal (Armenian), salata de vinete (Romanian), Baigan Bharta (Hindi) ,Vangyache Bharit (Marathi), padlizsánkrém (Hungarian) is a kind of popular Middle Eastern dish made primarily of aubergine (eggplant) , mashed, and mixed with various seasonings. Frequently the aubergine is baked or broiled over an open flame before peeling, so that the pulp is soft and has a smoky taste.

Baba ghanoush is usually eaten as a dip with pita bread, and is sometimes added to other dishes. It is usually of an earthy light brown colour.

The original baba ghanoush recipe can be found here, but I think this version is more interesting and has a degree of sweetness.


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  1. Brush the aubergines and the red pepper with a little olive oil and roast over a hot grill or barbecue until the skins are well burnt
  2. Turn them regularly, about 5 to 6 minutes a side will be fine.
  3. You can also impale them on skewers (better metal than wooden ones) and roast them over the barbecue, again turning often
  4. Set them aside to cool, ideally in a sealed Lock & Lock box
  5. Scoop out the soft flesh, discarding the outer skin but reserving some of the toasted sut surfaces.
  6. Crush the garlic and saute in 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Don't let it burn. At the last minute, add the whole cumin seeds. Allow the oil to cool before processing.
  7. Put the scooped flesh into a food processor together with the garlic, yogurt and tahini. Season to taste with salt
  8. Blend into a smooth paste and add the lemon zest and juice

Serving suggestions

Serve, garnished with olives and nuts, accompanied by warm pitta breads or crispbread

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