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In this category you will find recipes that contain lamb or goat as a main ingredient. Some of the recipes might be strange or unusual but hopefully they will give you some ideas and inspiration. Lamb is very good for quick evening meals using lamb chops or cutlets. As lamb tends to shrink when cooked, be generous when buying and allow an extra portion. It tends to be a little on the fatty side but it can be be made less fatty by trimming any excess fat before cooking.

Buy young lamb, under a year old. Organic if you can afford it.

The meat should be evenly coated with creamy coloured fat with pale pink, pliable flesh - not bloody.

Leg is probably the best cut for roasting but saddle and rump are very good substitutes. if in doubt, ask you butcher, they love to give advice!

As with pork, one of the nicest cuts is tenderloin fillet. Cut into medallions 1/2" thick and then hammer flat under a large knife - a Chinese style chopper is ideal for this. The instructions for doing this with pork are the same as for lamb tenderloin and can be found here.

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