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In this category you will find recipes that contain freshwater fish as the main ingredient. Some of the recipes might be strange or unusual but hopefully they will give you some ideas and inspiration. Even in the best of supermarkets, the fish available will quite often vary from day-to-day. However that should not always be a problem as most recipes will be just as good with an equivalent variety of fish.

Buying fish

Whole fresh fish have eyes that are bright and not sunken. The skin should be shiny and have a moist, firm appearance. When lightly pressed, the flesh should have some resistance and spring back. The older the fish, the more likely that an indentation will be left. Really fresh fish should have a pleasant aroma and strangely, should not smell fishy. They should never have a strong ammonia smell or smell the least bit nasty. Rely on your senses, if doesn't look, feel or smell great, then you're probably best to leave it where it is.

Varieties of fish

We have an ever-growing category containing various fish types here.

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