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Taste Sensation Ltd (full details here)

Unlike the other suppliers in the Recipes from other sites category, we don't have yet any recipes from Taste Sensation to plunder. This section has been created because I managed to get some samples of their spices and seasonings and after some experimenting with them the quality shone through and it quickly became obvious that they deserved their own category.

While you can read more about Taste Sensation Ltd here, this page just covers the recipes. I should add I like my food highly spiced and have adjusted the quantities accordingly. If you think they may be too strong, try a little less first. You can always add more seasoning; it's very difficult to adjust a recipe the other way! I also feel I should add don't avoid the hot-sounding mixes such as the Taste Sensation harissa seasoning and the Taste Sensation piri piri seasoning because they might be too hot. They are hot and spicy, but not so hot that you can't eat the food. Nicely tempered with powerful flavours is probably a flowery way to describe them!

If you can't guess already, I have been mightily impressed with the seasonings I have tried so far. Every meal we've had for the last ten days has been an excuse to use them, lots of them!

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