Cheese and chilli popcorn

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Testing out my recent purchase of Taste Sensation Chili Cheese marinade ad I thought I would give it a go with popcorn. Wow!

Fantastic flavours; it's quite hot, has a hint of saltiness with the cheese and yet it's also quite sweet. A winner.

Cheese and chilli popcorn
Servings:Serves 1
Calories per serving:168
Ready in:5 minutes
Prep. time:1 minute
Cook time:4 minutes
Recipe author:Chef
First published:26th January 2021

Best recipe review

This is a Winner!


The perfect match of flavours, even if I say so myself.

Jerry, aka Chef)


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  1. Heat the oil in a large heavy based pot for a minute or so
  2. Drop the popcorn into the pot and shimmy the pot to coat the popcorn evenly with oil
  3. Cover with a spatter guard - this stops the corn and the fat from going everywhere and also allows the moisture to escape, which a pan lid would not
  4. A tea towel works just as well, but take care it does not catch fire!
  5. Once most of the corn has popped, remove from the heat and shake into a Lock & Lock box
  6. Add a tablespoon of Taste Sensation Chili Cheese marinade to the Lock & Lock box, cover and shake like mad to cover the popcorn.
  7. Eat and enjoy!

Serving suggestions

Serve with a chilled beer!

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